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Sh1t day

Hi all wokeup this morning to rain and pain lovely as had pain management course to go to, day not looking good could feel my right shoulder starting to flair I thought just let me get through till about 2pm then ill be home, no such luck not even half hour in it hit big style it was so bad it had me in tears everyone was lovely but all I wanted to do was go home but I couldn't, no fair, still hurting like hell am saving oramorph till bed time just hope it works, pains coming in waves not throbbing just when you think its over another comesas its fading, hell on earth.

Moan over early night I think nephews out till tomorrow gone out to a party with his mates he's staying at his mates over night we've got him for 2 weeks he was supposed to stay at his sisters while rest of family on hols, but that fell through, he's at college so couldn't go, so I said I'd have him,he's a good kid and knows I'd kill him if he plays up I'm not a pushover like his mum lol .bend your ears again soon. Biiiiig gentle hugs all round. Ttfn Sithy

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oh no you dont need this on top of everything.take care and hope course went well.have a early nite take your meds and hope pain is better in morning..


I hope you are starting to feel better now xx


hope it eased for some sleep.




Thanks guys but cat naps only been waking every half hour to hour had ouromorph to no avail thinking about getting up but will probably stay in bed and try for sleep


Hope you feel better soon,I only have cat naps due to the constant pain x


Hi Sandra

I'm a bit late replying. Hope you got your sleep.

Keep me updated with the pain management course as I've to start one. Just waiting on a date & you know how long that can take!!!

Gentle Hugs



Hi Jackie got a little bit of kip but not much, as to pain management it took about 2-3 weeks for them to get back to me with dates so you shouldn't have to wait to long gonna have to go for a piggin headache starting if spellind w ronc sorryh csnr see foe psi pasib


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