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For the nuts !!!

Thanks everyone for being nuts. Been to hospital and I don't need another op. Thank goodness. I was dreading it. I still have my lovely big black boot, but it has started healing at last. Go back in 3 weeks. Hope everyone had a happy day, sadly i now realise you can't have good days all the time, but sometimes a happy day does help......... Had a lovely lunch with my husband and son to celebrate my son passing his navy exam for flight crew with 95%. I am very proud but very scared, really wish he would pick a different job, but its all he's ever wanted to do and he is nearly 19 so I can't stop him. He has a long way to go yet, so I'll have him home for a while yet.

Thank you again. x x x x xx x

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What a good day glad for you that you do not need an op and will eventually get rid of your great footwear. Very impressive result for your son, know it will be worrying but sure he will enjoy it greatly.

Both my father and grandfather were in air-planes, my son wanted to join as well but had migraines and so could not. He now likes to go to dangerous places to take photos. Your son will have a lot of support and training. x


Hi Betty67 You haven problems sleeping too Lol x


And awake again now 6 hours later but did sleep all of those 6 hours so not too bad and will have another rest (or two) during the day.


Hi Lola So glad to here you dont need another op. too itrue about good days but we can have happy ones even when in pain you have to other wise we would crack up. Well done that at times Ha Ha . Well congratulations to your so you have the right to be proud and scared thats what us MUMS do from the second their born worry about them no matter how old they are i still do and their all got their own familys they think so funny at times have a nice sleep xxfibro10


Hi lola65

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? That is good news not needing another operation, so, YAY!

You must be so proud of your son, it may not be the job that you wanted him to do, but he has clearly achieved so much! I want to wish him all the best of luck with his career.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


YAYAYAAY Lola you don't need another op :) :) :)

..................... and you're very welcome

..................... from one of the nuts :O :O :O


Well-done to your son too for passing his navy exam :) You must be so proud of him :)

Fluffies and smiles xxx sian


Hi lola, sorry I am late in taking to you. I intended catching up with all post last night, but RSL and a Grandaughter who is staying for a while wouldnt let me.

Sorry that you have a broken Leg. pleased that it is healing. Congratulations to your son and can relate to your worry about him. I even worry when any of my lot are on holliday abroard.

Lots of hugs from another nut (Sue) xx


Thank you, I know what you mean I'm worrying cos my daughter is abroad at the moment, back Thursday night, I'll be happy when shes back. I think as a parent you just worry, i've given up trying not too.

Hugs xxxxxxx


Good days are really good! So glad you had a good day and congratulation to your son, I am sure you are really proud of him. It is hard when they choose a path that could be fraught with danger but that is life and if it is what he wants good for him! My nephew volunteered to do a stint in Afghanistan we all thought he was crazy since he didn't have to go, he went and was right in the thick of it and came home safely :) He was proud of himself as he felt he had achieved one of his goals in life...Boys can be so strange at times :)


Happy day's are good. Glad you are feeling better and you won't have to have another surgery. Happy for your son, know you are proud of him. They grow up so darn fast. My daughter's 26 and it's so hard to believe. They will always be our babies. Hope you have a wonderful day sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


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