Had a month from Hell, and today is a day from Hell feel like how much more can I take so here goes I'm going to have a rant from hell.

I haven't been on for a while been feeling dreadful, I feel lowsy most days some worse than others but I plod on enduring what comes my way ever the Marter like most of you. A monnth ago I woke at 3 in the morning, running to the toilet I was violently sick and I add the ebby geebies.I couldn't keep anything down and everything went straight through me. I thought I'd got a gastric bug, but every day was the same for 6 days I just drank loads of water and dry biscuits. Couldn't fast being diabetic kept taking my insulins, had a few hypo's that week, I took powders so I didn't dyhydrate. Well I got throught it don't know how but I did, but Istarted feeling better.

Then a few days later I wake to my nose running like a tap, my throat is soar as hell, what now I thought another virus. I ended up with a chest infection and I'm still coughing like hell. Then this week I've not been able to get up as I've been in more pain than usual, I've got really bad muscular pain under my Ribs Its there all the time but from time to time it flares up really bad even hurting when I breath. I've had test and scans and nothing shows up, so once again its been put down to the Fibro. Even when I lay on my side and press where the pain is, the pain gets worse like something is twisted. Does anyone else suffer with this, its so bad today I could cry and I'm feeling so down.

Oh and one more rant I still haven't heard from the DWP re my medical with ATOS eight weeks ago, so thats on my mind all the time cannot stop worrying. Soz for being such a pain burdoning everyone with my rants, needed to release it all, I tend to keep it all in not wanting to over load on my family. Thanks for listening luv MG xx

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  • Hi mgclassic,sounds as if you gone through the mill and back and went to hell as well on a detour, I do feel for you it's not fair is it. I've also been up all hours of the night drinking tea and taking pills but nothing seems to work i am like you so fed up with pain, tiredness and feeling rougher than grade 9 sandpaper. Also feeling depressed due to my diabetes and putting on weight, yet I'm not eating much, I think it's due to all these b****y pills.

    But hay ho summer is on it's way so if we can get some sun on our bodies it will help and hopefully feel much better.

    Hang on in there kiddo and I'm sending loads of soothing vibes and feeling better thoughts and good wishes.

    Loads of love Blokie xx.

  • Thanks blokie, nice when somebody understands wwhat I'm going through, I'm like you with my weight dont eat alot but cannot shift it, Doc says its the injection I'm on like banging your head against a brick wall at times. You are right though got to be positive and look forward to the weather getting better, not at mo though its bouncing it down here. Sending you healing from the angels MG x

  • Hi MG

    Rant as much as you like as at least we can all understand where you are coming from. Better out than in as they say. You deserve a rant after what you have been through the last few weeks. it is bad enough having fibro without being a diabetic as well. My husband has just come back from tests to see whether he is diabetic (it runs in his family on both sides) so we are fingers crossed on that one. Having the trots and sickness and then having a chest infection must have left you very low.

    Sorry you still haven;t heard from Atos as that must be an added strain on you and you are low enough already.

    I am sitting here propped up in bed with pain around my rib area so bad I can't even stand my vest touching me so can commiserate on that one, costo-chondritis the cause of mine but I guess that it is the vomiting and then the coughing from the virus that has caused yours . My nose runs like a tap all the time even though I don;t have an infection and I am sick of people saying "have you got another cold". Despite tests and anti histmines and sprays they have never got to the root of the problem. Hope that you will be feeling better soon. Big hugsx

  • Thanks for your reply Rosewine, I have suffered with the pain under my Ribs for years sometimes its worse than others. Had loads of tests but inconclusive, so it was put down to being fibro, I'm like you I'm propped up with seven pillows to try and cushion pain doesn't work though. Take care soldier on, not a lot else we can do. xx

  • Do you sometimes wish that you could somehow be suspended with invisible harnesses so you can relax without pain. I am trying to sit up in bed without my back or sides touching anything at the moment as the pain is so bad. Can't even ask hubby to put pain patches on my back as he isn't well and has at last got to sleep so I don;t want to disturb him. As you say forward and onward as we have little choice in the matter. Hope we both can get a little respite from the pain.x

  • Hi mgclassic

    I am so sorry to read that you have been this poorly! I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon? Please feel free to come along and rant and moan all you like, it is what we are here for. Mind you, it sounds like you have good cause to complain as you are really not having any good luck at the moment, are you?

    Please feel well again real soon my friend.

    Ken x

  • Thanks for your kind words ken. You are right I'm defo down on my luck its one thing after the other, going to try and be positive and tell my self things got to get better at some point. mg xx

  • Hi Mgclassic, i am not suprised your having a rant sounds like you deserve one. I. had a bout of norovirus last year and the pounding my muscles took from the violent sickness was horrendously painful and i felt weak as a kitten for ages, i dont think i left the house for a month.So please be very kind and gentle to yourself, its like you have been beaten up from the inside.shazzzzy

  • Thanks shazzy thats exactly how I feel, lifeless is the word not an ounce of energy think its going to take time and a lot of patience. mg xx

  • I get that from time to time. It's very painful. I hope you start feeling better sweetheart!!!

  • Cheers Mitziblue, not as yet think its going to be a slow job, mg xx

  • A pain management specialist my help you. They helped save me!!! Best of luck!!! xxx

  • thanks

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