Woke up after a lovely 7 hrs sleep zzzzz

Sun shining, birds singing, looking forward to a nice quiet peaceful day ahhh!

Not to be.... Hell broke loose in the kitchen. "Blue boy" my cat has been seeing a local kitty and has become very fond of her.

Julie ( my other cat) was not so keen. The girlfriend had decided to pay Blue a visit and sample his dinner when Julie accidentally came across her. Talk about world war three.

There was screaming, scratching, biting, and fur everywhere. I couldn't get out the chair to intervene as I had spent my energy on tidying the kitchen before I sat down exhausted. I'm afraid it will stay like that till hubby gets home. I'm done in.

The cats however are fine. Blue is off with his girl, while Julie is sitting guard at the cat flap. Do you ever feel invisible? Well at least they're ok. 😺😻

Hope you all have a relaxing day Jan x

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  • Sorry Blue is upside down. Don't know how to rectify it x

  • Hehehe sometimes it happens like that and one can't change it.......lovely cat though 👍🏻😃 clearly his girlfriend thinks so too 😃😃😃

    Isn't the noise they make just blood curdling, and I think you were well out of it not try to sort them out, I know someone who got really badly injured trying to separate fighting cats 😺🙀😾😼

    Sending you lots of positive, soothing and strengthening vibes 😀

    Foggy x

  • i thought you posted it that way deliberately because it fits in well with your post. it put a smile on my face thank you.

  • I know what you mean but couldn't work out how to fix it. 😺

  • What a gorgeous cat, even upside down lol. 😄

  • Thank you he is lovely and popular with the ladies 😻

  • Fun having cats! We are looking after brother in laws rescue Bengali whilst he is in INtensive care. Oh was worried as she was so thin and her skin very bumpy so decided she needed to go to vets well you can guess rest. Oh now has scratches and chunks out of his hand as she had only deemed to let him stroke her the last 3 days. They all fell in love with the little madam who was then acting like butter would not melt in hér mouth. The nurse even bought her a catnip mouse which she promptly tried to drowñ in her water bowl. I am also allergic to them so came out in a rash and have had a sore throat since. Into the bargain she is not insured so that was £83 and more on Sat. Still adore her.

  • I take allergy meds! We have two cats that I am allergic to and they both hang out with me if I let them. There are just times I get to where I am so stopped up! Whew allergy pill time!

  • Ouch! That must have hurt both your hands and your pocket. I've had cats all my life but Blue boy takes the biscuit. He's cost us around £ 800 so far, that was 2 yrs ago when he went missing for 2 wks and came back starving and traumatised.

    He needed a hip operation because of it. Needless to say we had no holiday that year, but he is worth it. 😻

  • It is amazing Jan that we will spend out massive sums on our pets without a thought but if they said it was £800 for us to see a specialist we would hesitate. Hate to think what we paid out in vets fees for our last dog could probably be living in a stately home now. Yes they are absolutely worth it they give unconditional love, well except when they are scratching and biting!

  • Your absolutely right. I felt sick at the time because I didn't have him insured but if you would have saw the state he was in it was heartbreaking. I have pics of him after the operation which are hard to look back on. 😻

  • I have to agree with Foggy, never ever try to separate feuding moggies. Love the pic. xx

  • Thanks he's a character 😻

  • Yes foggy is so right! Kitty's can be very mean to anything that gets in the way when fighting! Beautiful kitty and since I have deslixia being upside down well took me a minute to notice!

  • Thanks he is a cutie 😻

  • Cats can cause hell can't they? I genuinely hope that you have your kitchen sorted now. Thanks for sharing.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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