He's never been a minutes trouble all his life he's been kind to every dog that has come into our home, he's loyal, child friendly licking everyone that comes in, he doesn't chase sheep, once a lamb went up to him to suckle thinking he was its mother but could tell when it got up close to him, he's just like a huge cuddley bear, he's white and heis a Golden Retriever. He suffers with arthritis and decided last year not to take him to the groomer any more, he's nearly eleven years old, I didn't want to put him through the ordeal again because he takes so long to dry. My grandchildren used to ride on him when they were toddlers and he would let them do anything to him. I HAVE NEVER TRUTHFULLY heard him snarl or growl at anything or body in fact he seldom barks, I know that the time we have with him is now limited and I very often check to see if he is breathing because all our other goldies lived to just over 9 years old, everyone loves Louis and I hope that there will be many many years to come that we have him in our lives.

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  • So beautiful he is lovely bless xxx

  • He sounds like the ideal dog. My friends Goldie lived to be 14 a Nd was in reasonable health until the last ,6 months, slower on his pins but otherwise OK. Fingers crossed for Louis.🐕🐕🐕x

  • He sounds like a lovely reincarnated human to me. Or angel. 💗

  • What a lovely dog.!



  • Retrievers are well known for their gentleness and loyality. He is very handsome :) xx

  • What a beautiful friend :)

  • He is just so adorable my friend, thank you so much for sharing :) :)

  • he is handsome! he has a gentle soul, you can see it in his eyes. wishing you both many more happy years together x

  • He's beautiful, a kind soul.

  • Oh bless him. He looks so lovely and sounds like a very gentle soul. I hope you have him in your life for many more years.

    We had a magnetic collar for our setter when he became old and stiff, it did seem to help him stay mobile.

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