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The weather

As autumn starts to appear I really think this damp awful weather is why alot of us are feeling so bad or should I say worse than usual.

I have never felt this bad. Like Gins said, pain killers are just doing nothing at the moment. All my gagbapentin seems to do is knock me out, which it doesn't usually and I don't think my antidepressants are doing much.

I love going up to my lovely bed, prop myself up on my cosy pillows as that is where I feel most comfortable but when I wake in the morning or during the night I feel awful. Every bit of me hurts so much and it seems to take longer and longer to get mobile.

Please bring back the sun, so I can have my dose of vit D and feel the warmth on my face.

Fat chance of that here!!

Piggie hugs xxxxx

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hi yes i agree it has deff got much colder here too today, i have had my 1st pj day for quite a while. i have managed to potter around today doing nothing haven't even emptied dishwasher. it would be interesting to know how people fare in sunnier countries ? look after yourself J


All fibromites should be moved to somewhere nice n warm for medical purposes........yeah n then I woke up :-)

I feel ur pain I made tea a wee while ago and that was a task in its self now I'm struggling to stay awake. Would go to bed but its too early :0(

Gentle hugs xx


PS moved with their family or choice of people to help them cope :-) x

as before I can dream eh lol xx


Hi, I feel rather crappy today do you think it's the weather, got no motivation , oh well tomorrow another day

Nicki xxxx


It is never too early to go to bed!!

Mmmmmmmmm 6 months in the sun October until March, maybe Australia??......................

Night all my wonderful friends hope you get some sleep x

Piggie hugs xxxxxxx


Oh 6 months of gentle warmth how wonderful - brought a smile to my face

Morning Piggie hope you feel better today we have to gather ourselves and beat away the winter blue just look firward to Christmas ad crisp sunny icy days with roaring fires and crumpets xgins


Morning. Just about to drag myself out of bed, hobble downstairs, feed my lovely dog and cats and take some much needed pain relief and slowly join the human race :-)

I hope everyone has a good day.

Mmmmmm sunshine.............................wishful thinking having looked out the window.

Piggie hugs xxxx


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