Keeping Upright & Sitting - Help!!!

Hi! I just wondered if anyone could tell me if i'm going mad or not? i've just had confirmation of Fibro, Chronic Pain & Depression after 3 years of suffering everyday! I currently work full-time but don't know how for how much longer!! Is it normal to feel when I've been to work that i cannot keep my body upright any longer and have to lie down? Sometimes i can't even make it up the stairs! Every day even on the weekends when i don't work i have to lie down by 6pm as i cannot sit for any length of time as I get excrutiating pain all over!!! Help! is normal?? i have so many different issues i don't know where to start!! I'm sure people think i'm making it up & that i'm a hypocondriact!! My work is also starting to suffer (fibro fog is really bad!)

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  • No you are not mad... That is all part of having fibro... It sucks big time... I had to give up work feeling exactly the same symptoms as you the depression lifted after giving up work as it was one stress less but yeah you are perfectly normal for someone with fibro.

    VG x

  • Thanks so much VG, it means alot having people to talk to who have the same symptoms & understand exactly how you feel! I also have a disabled son (autistic) and my hubby works shifts which make it hard!! I just feel like crying all the time! :-(

    Raeben98 x

  • Hi, your not going mad but that's what it feels like - There are so many symptoms and health seems to go haywire - it took me 3 years to get diagnosed too. Will you be having a word with your GP on your suffering and also struggle in the workplace? You're not making it up and people can think what they want to, your health comes first. It may be helpful to write down notes. - Any chance of you taking sick leave and/or reducing your hours at work? Having a talk with the Occupation Health to enable you to take regular rest breaks to stretch and clear your head - whatever works for you that you can think of....... take care. x

  • Thanks Reflections, i have started to fill in a pain diary but some days i haven't got the energy to fill it in! I know deep down that I will have to work less hours, i just feel really guilty all the time (i'm the main wage earner). My GP is really good, she's really understanding & sympathetic to my symptoms, I need another chat with her so that she can help my fight for some help! I'm just waiting on OH & some more Physio! I don't get paid whilst on sick leave unfortunately, even though I've worked for the same familty run Company for the last 18 years! Nice to be appreciated eh!!! :-( I have to fight all the time for help for my son, and I know i need to fight for help for myself now but I struggle to find the energy anymore! :-( Thanks for your positive words they mean take care too xx

  • It was the hardest thing for me to go on the sick and I felt guilty, in hindsight this was so unnecessary - does not sound right that you are not getting sick pay after all these years. Enquiries could be made on the confidential benefits line anonymously to find out where you stand and also about benefits sick pay (I think you are not paid for the first three days and do not know what the rate is) - enquiries can be made on income support - Turn2Us is a helpful charity, so that you can become more informed about your situation. Perhaps now is not a good time for Physio?

    Thanks I'm trying my best to take care too..... x

  • I worked up until July of last year. I cut my working days down to 4 but still found myself crying every morning thinking about how hard my day was going to be. I did enjoy my work, it just got too hard for me to do. It is hard when you have to give up your job, not just the money side but the reason to get out of bed in the morning. I now have no job and no benefits (apart from my DLA). It is hard when you don't know where your next meal is coming from. Also if I don't get some help soon I will be homeless. Seems there is no respect for people who have worked most of their adult life but now need help through no fault of their own.

  • I totally agree and sympathise with your difficult situation. I don't know how these politicials sleep at night! it seems to me that if you work hard for a living, they think that you don't deserve any help when you genuinely need it! It Stinks!!!!! I hope something turns up! Have you tried any support groups to see if they can help you? or the CAB?......Take Care, i'm sending you positive vibes - hope everything works out ok!! xx

  • Yep, this is pretty normal, unfortunately. Before fibro, I had no trouble with doing clinics all day, driving home, going out to see my boyfriend, all in one day. Nowadays, it's a bit more tricky, and a full day of clinical work (bobbing up and down, detailed work with hands, writing and typing, odd seating position), and I'd be ready for the knackers yard! The couple of times I tried it, I ended up sleeping for 2 hours when I got home (after nearly falling asleep at the wheel), and had to tell my boss it was a no-go from here on.

    Hope you manage to find a balance that's right for you. xx

  • I feel like this now- want to lie down and sleep and relax - just got no. 3(women's troubles!) and I have organised for my friend to come and exercise with me as I must shed some pounds and I know it's good for me- but quite frankly I'm dreading it and if she wasnt coming id probably be in bed now - often I do this after work as cooking just seems too much effort- its really unhealthy especially when I snack on junk for convenience! Why do I put myself through this?

  • For sitting up straight, it might not work for all, but have a look into the Alexander Technique . ...It might help you.

    I tried it once but couldn't continue, but my spine isnt straight anyway so make s it harder, but just reading about it might give you some tips xx

  • I am going for acupuncture had 2 sessions so far it has helps the pain in my arms but have awful pain in my hips going to doctor this morning he better not tell me inst sciatica as there nothing can be done for that :( i know how you feel Rae i also have Down Syndrome daughter who fights with you at bath time brushing her hair etc just adds to all the stress make pain worse :( ((((hugs to all of you who are suffering this awful illness ))))) .

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