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I think it might be raining!

I think it might be raining as I put on my new coat

the dog is dancing round me, he's just acting like a goat

I really want to go outside and take in some nice freshair

But I really don't want the neighbours here staring at my hair

When I got up this morning I set my hair up neat

by the time I got down the stairs my hair was at my feet

I have this awful problem see my head has sprung a leak

And as I walk along the hall my shoes begin to squeak

The water drips from my head and runs into my bra

If this carries on much longer I won't get very far

So out it comes the faithful towel and drying I begin

It aint so easy as I dry my head the waters on my chin

If only there was a portashower to carry on my shoulder

I wouldn't get those awful stares I would be much boulder

People seem to think I have some really bad disease

They side step me at every chance 'Oh people if you please'

Do I think the same of you as you wobble out the pub

Or spill your guts upon the floor outside the local club

So judge me not, for you really do not want to push your luck

Coz I don't care what people think...I just don't give a ..............

By Lin Goulding

20.04pm 16/10/2014

(my own work)

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Love it. That was a wonderful poem. You are good.


Thankyou so much. I love ❤ poetry. I have a few in poetry corner from about a year ago xx


Very good and thank you so much for sharing.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thankyou very much Ken back at ya xx


Thank you for sharing your work. I am sure there are many members who relate.

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Thankyou hun....some of my stuff looks on the bright side...making light of things and I find it not only cheers me up but others too xxxxx Lin

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Brilliant made me smile thanks xginsing

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Excellent :)

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Good one.


Loved your poem thanks Cherokee


Your poem made me smile, thank you :)


I love it Lin :D

Brilliant piece of poetry expressing feelings many of us will share :)

Wishing you wellness and sending you fleecy fluffies and smiles :)

{{{{{{ Lin }}}}}}

xxx sian :)


loved your poem made me smile thanks xxlilian

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Now this is what we want a good laugh, lets have a happy December and always look on the bright side of life. Well done Lin Goulding lets have some more please yipeeeeeeeeee! Ouch just fell of my chair emm..


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