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How does the hot weather affect people


Whilst is nice to have some nice weather, it is affecting my Fibro badly, i wake up in the morning and its all i can do to stay awake. i manage to get myself moving, and am not to bad for the rest of the day, But come the evening, i am in terrible pain and so so tired, every joint and muscle in my body hurts, i am so bad all i can manage is a bowl of cereal or a sandwich, i have not eaten a proper meal for day, its to hot to cook, i just do not feel like eating.

I have been awake since 4am today as could not sleep, put fan on last night, but within a few minutes i am freezing, so turn it off, then i get to hot, can't win. I am so fed up with this condition, i have been so low, i have thought about giving up all the voluntary work i do with the community association, and othe other things i do with our housing landlord, giving up being chair of the housing advisory panel. I seem to be in demand here there and everywhere. I help my son and his partner, who has been ill, with the children etc etc etc, yet when i am ill and want help i am on my own, My other son cam over to get rid of the rotting decking and promise to build me some raised beds, but so far nothing, yet i am expected to help them when needed. I have started saying NO ! but then i am asked whats up with you why are you in that sort of mood, again can;t win. On the whole i am a very happy person, despite being on my own after the death o f my hubby 8 yrs ago, but sometimes i just feel used and helpless.

Today i have very high pain levels to the extent of being unbearable. so painkillers it is and try and carry on if possible.

Sorry for ranting but it is good to get it off my chest, to people that understand.

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Hi Linda

Rant away. Try to stay happy.

My gran said " We choose to have our children and therefore they can expect our help and they did not chose to be born so we can not expect from them. " Does not mean that you do not need to learn how to say no. We say no to young children so why not when they are grown. Remember however they are really busy (even if they are not). Being grumpy will only push people away.


Morning I know how you feel this hot weather is doing me no favours and with having two men in the house and still have to do everything inside and out it gets too much some day think why do I keep fighting on when no one cares . Gentle hugs try to keep smiling know it hard I have three dogs so for me I have to keep going for them xxx

Hi hope your not to bad today , I have been on my own for 7 years I lost my dad and got divorced after 25 years of marriage ,I have 3 children but only 2 help me ,the youngest one has been a brick she turned 21 last Monday ,and is at uni but was coming home every 3/4 weeks to check on me and change bed etc as I can't manage duvets etc but when one of her friends mothers found out , she go to social services and a local charity so when she is not here they come and help,she is going to japan for a year to teach with uni with my blessing ,I had to push her to apply , I told her she was doing it for me to , my son is in Brighton and he phones everyday and comes home to mid wales twice a year , Christmas and Easter , my elder daughter went with her father he never said yes to her now he never says no , he did when we were married . Abbi has been painting putting up shelve land been general dogs body for the last month ,I am going to miss her , she is very good to me ,but I also have two dogs and they keep me company and a cat ,I loved the hot weather till this year I have other things besides fibro but I am struggling this year with the heat I have fans on everywhere keep your chin up there is always support here it has helped me so much since I found this site people here are really kind as they understand and there is unconditional support , I go on the lupus page as well as I have other bits going on but do most of my posting here as I end up laughing and giggling and I need that I only put smiley faces as I am still learning with technologies and I use a I pad I have a lap top but that is in a drawer :-( as it's complicated and I have to be honest forgotten how to use it and it needs a new anti virus anyway I hope you have a good day take care Chris x

With difficulty. I have managed to load the dishwasher and put on a load of washing and am now sitting unable to move. I will put the fan on after a sandwich and just sit and read or watch TV. Fortunately hubby is around more now that he is retired so helps around the house and garden, otherwise I would be in a right mess. If I were on my own I would have to move. My sons have busy jobs and long commutes and their own places to maintain ( both in the process of moving!)

I love this site where you can a laugh and a moan and get so much support. let's hope it cools down soon! xx

I agree this weather is doing nothing for me i am in unbearable pain at the min and two children to look after. My partner is good and helps me. I just hope the pain clinic can help me when i go on the 8 aug it my first time.

Don't worry about ranting, better out than in as they say. I think the hot weather is starting to get to us all. As the day goes on I am finding my pain is just the same it starts to build and build until every muscle and joint seems to be screaming and the nights are the worse. It is strange in the hot weather I don;t seem to have the eat reflex like I do in the winter and suddenly realise that I have gone past my eating time and also tablet time as some of them should be taken with a meal and often or not I just don;t fancy much and end up with an omlette or soup.

It might be that you have to prioritise what you do and just cherry pick the help you give. I used to be like that helping here there and everywhere but suddenly found that when I became ill all the people I helped faded away. I now only do what I can easily do unless it is for someone very special or a special occasion as I realised that by trying to do everything for everyone I was just getting more and more ill.

I don;t have any children so I don;t know what the pressure to help must be like but all my friends who have seem to spend all their retirement hours helping their children and having very little time for themselves. Try and have at least a couple of hours a day that are just for you and do something that you enjoy.

Take care, hope you have a better night and are not in so much pain tomorrowx

Hi Lindamorgan, i feel exactly the same at the moment, wake up exhausted after 12 hours sleep , then have to force myself out of bed. The pain levels at the moment are 8/10 and like you say hurt absolutely everywhere, from moment i wake up ti bedtime. I guess it must be the heat, certainly not used to it here in Glasgow. I think like others have said, you need to limit the amount of things you are involved with, that does not mean you need to stop everything, choose what is least taxing for you, physically and mentally. Perhaps you could show your family some information from fibroaction explaining your illness and how it affects you, you should only be doing what is comfortable for you otherwise you will permanently damaged. Take care and lots of hugs.


Hi lindamorgan

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much at this time and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I understand exactly what you mean about this hot weather, as I really struggle to do what I need to do in it!

According to BBC News, the weather is going to start getting cooler next week, fingers crossed? Although, I have just bought myself a new pair of shorts and matching tee shirt today, and I want a chance to wear them!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Stop beating yourself up.we all feel this way at times.I have got 3 daughters,one of whom has not spoken to me for 12 years over something trivial, 0ne who lives about half a mile but only comes if her dad picks her up in the car.and one who is a doctor who I see once a year.I lost a daughter when she was 3 months old.Also got 3 granddaughters , 2 grandsons and 4 greatgrandsons.Don't see any of them very much,All busy with their own lives.If you start thinking about them too much you just finish up having a bad flare up.Its very hot just now and I think it does affect the fobro.Keep your chin up,make time for YOU.Its a different world to when we were children and all lived close by.See I just had a rant.Be kind to yourself.Hope you feel better soon.Love to you.

So sorry sweetheart!!! Maybe your medicine isn't working for you any longer? That can happen. If you aren't sleeping well it makes it much worse. Try telling your doctor about this. If he doesn't help ask to be seen at a pain clinic. Hope this helps!!! xxx Mitzi

Think i will be going to ring surgery tomorrow and see if there is a gp i can see that i like, i am in agony today , have new symptoms pain in my toes really badly, my joints just hurt so much as do my muscles and i feel exhausted. Its so bad tonight i just feel like crying. Damn this illness!! Life would be so much better without it, but life goes on and have to cope. My mobility is dreadful and i can;t really use my sticks as i have so much problems with my shoulders that they just aggravate them.

I think is should get back on to DLA and ask them to look at my claim again, i do not get mobility i just get low rate care, which was indefinite. i rely on my son to take me shopping when he gets home from work, showering without help is so hard, i try to keep up with my voluntary work, but sometimes i feel like i could give that up as well, but won;t as it is something i really enjoy doing.

Sorry to moan on. I do hope everyone is coping the best they can xx

I am just the same once it cools down that tiny bit I am in pain n freezing.

I get very lonely n family dont help except for my daughter 17.

My 3 boys just dont understand they tell people how worried they are about me but dont get in touch n don't help my grass is as high as my fencebut no offers of help.

Families eh. Glad we all haveeCh other here xx

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