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DLA for a Child

HI I am a newby to this site. I applied for a renewal for my daughter for DLA who has chronic Eczema and mild Asthma. I sent the form away with all the relevant information as I have done on previous applications. However I have just received a letter today advising it will not be awarded again. She has been on the DLA since she was 3 years old and is now 12 with no improvement of her condition. Having received the letter declining the renewal, I called them. The lady on the phone said I will read out what the decision maker has said. She confirmed that now my daughter is 12 she doesn't need my help and support with applying her creams or lotions and therefore doesn't qualify for the higher rate of care. I explained to her we have never had higher rate of care. My daughter has only received lower rate of care - so could she explain. I also asked what has changed with my daughters condition since she was diagnosed - nothing so why are they now saying she doesn't qualify. I have asked for the decision maker to call me, which the lady on the phone said will be in the next 5 days. I have also asked for a reconsideration. Can anyone help. I am worried if the reconsideration is declined what can I do about appealing and is there anyone who can help me. I did have a support group who helped previously but they have said since I have moved out of the area, I no longer qualify for their support. BTW the GP also submitted a statement of her condition too, but as her Eczema is the condition we contact him the most over, rather than her eczema omitted her Asthma, which they picked up on. I explained this is not her main condition it is the eczema.

Any comments are much appreciated.

Best Wishes


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D.L.A. has been changed with this new financial climate, I think they are only awarding middle and high rates now. It is so very hard to claim. You can take the decision to panel and get the doctor to resubmit his statement stating asthma too. It is a more likely reason to get dla. good luck

gail x


get letters from her consultants, health care professionals, teachers, anyone who helps her. Ask them to send them to you to put in an appeal pack. make copies.





I would avoid asking and answering on phone as they are slippery b*****s. If I were you I would firstly get a new statement from GP stating the full issues including asthma. I would then officially appeal as this is the next step. If you go to the CAB they can help you say the right thing on the forms as its about how you say stuff. I have been through appeal and am now after tribunal tackling them on a point of law for myself. I have a CAB welfare rights person helping me as they know more than regular CAB. I also have a son who is autistic, autism being a lifetime affliction, we have only recently had DLA for him. I now have had to re apply as he is 16 this year and needs alot of help. I had a person from the childrens welfare benefits section of the council come out to help me with form. He will also represent my son if he needs to go to tribunal.

Good luck with your appeal.

kind thoughts NN :)


I am off to my sons pip assessment today, I am very worried he will loose it cos I can't get the damn school to issue any support for him, its like she has it in for him. All I have is his Drs letter stating diagnosis & meds.


My older son is the same just different balance, they don't want to put him through a face to face assessment but happy to put my other son through it, my oldest doesn't have a up to date letter from Dr cos he discharged him without even seeing him, but he has social work care plan & support worker letters sent in.


They have done away with low rate.


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