I haven't written anything for a while so thought I would share an update. my daughter received her DLA. An application was submitted in December, we were turned down in February on appeal she was awarded high level care and mobility end of April.

This is a major relief for me and I believe a welcome need for her. In the midst of all this we were being evicted/notice of seeking possession...due to rent arrears caused by me not working and a shortfall in the now HB payments. My fuel bill will now be paid off in 2016, no court action. My daughter is currently under the CAMHs team, and being offered Art therapy ( I am reluctant to start her on medication at 12 ). During all this time I have sourced Homeopathy, Aromatherapy and Healing and looking at a Raw Food diet... Incidentally I have been on the raw food diet and ended up 3 days admitted to hospital with a severe allergic reaction to either nuts or seeds I used! bit of a nightmare. (After i finish the course of steroid I will be tested for allergies)..We are doing a green smoothing challenge which is fun but it also is enabling us to change our diet..we are removing eee's and glutton & fastfood.

My daughter how is she...her legs gave in last week so up and down.. she hasn't spoken to friends about her condition, maybe too soon as she herself is just getting her head around what is going on. 2hrs of school is about as much as she can manage, I think at the moment she goes to school for the company of friends..so learning not a real priority.. I've sorted a disabled library card for her which means she can now access talking books, reading is difficult. Just at the moment trying to sort out something that will make accessing the computer easier ( a talking program)

Oh her feet are always cold and don't seem to warm up at present she has chilblains..any suggestions. i used to get chilblains as a child but for a different reason...how are you keeping feet warm?

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  • Unbelievable ... Turned down when you needed and were awarded high rate both .. So glad you appealed and won

    Vg x

  • So happy for you, well done.

    Best wishes..nannyjenno

  • Same here. I was turned down. Everything I couldn't do, they said I could. Asked for them to look at it again, telling them they had got it all wrong. I was awarded high rate care and mobility. I am so pleased you won too. No amount of money can take the pain away from this horrid condition. My feet and hands are always freezing cold. I have blocked vessels that supply blood to my toes. Not sure about my hands though. And sweaty face. No matter how cold I am my face drips with sweat. Xx

  • Congratulations of a successful appeal! I strongly urge anyone out there who has been refused. By appealing it will allow you to see the reason it happened when the DWP send you their submission. Even after you receive the submission and despite all of the evidence they may have .... still go ahead and fight the decision. But remember!! to do your homework as best you can and prepare for your hearing by submitting a good submission in advance as to why you feel the original decision was poor, what evidence you have gathered to overcome this and what level of DLA you want.

    Good luck to anyone else out there appealing.

    Liam Carter

    Senior Case Manager

    My Benefit Claim


  • I should explain a little bit..i was initially refused because the GP wrote 'flare ups' in the description of her condition..these two words according to DLA assessors were the reason behind the initial refusal. I then had the option to argue over the phone or appeal in writing. I appealed in writing (as then. I felt, there could be no confusions as to what is being said). I didn't know where to go for help with the appeal so wrote it myself..giving every name of all the professionals involved in her care and then breaking down what care I give. I also gave them her SENCO (special needs coordinator) teachers name (as she only attends school for 2 hrs/day). I had believed that she would get awarded the minimum amount (because of all the cuts etc) - to be honest I was at my wits end. I thought at one stage I really couldn't afford to look after her anymore..bills mounting plus and i was really not getting much sleep. At one point I could not afford to park or drive her to her appointments at the hospital, so i had to cancel her medical appointments.

    I would have gone to my MP and the papers and was considering this as the next step, if I was refused again.

    Yes from a 'no' to high level care & mobility - I question why they said no in the first place. I would not have stopped, but it has been very tiring I think if i was applying for myself I may have given up due to the stress but what made it easier was that i was applying for my child and fighting for her rights and needs to be met.

    thank you

  • Excellent :)

    10/10 to you honestly really well done and I offer you my sincere congratulations. I honestly urge anyone again out there never to give up, to all you other people out there... just because you may feel intimidated by the thought of an appeal, don't let this frighten you away. It makes me very angry at the thought of how the appeals service have joined with the courts service and appeals are now held in courts. How intimidating can that be! I am honestly thinking about setting a group up to oppose the fact that poor disabled people have to go to the courts for a hearings let alone face a tribunals

    Liam Carter

    Senior Case Manager

    My Benefit Claim


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