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did one of these benefit checks and it said I should get full housing benefit as now receive low rate care dla, so I phone housing place and informed them that I have been awarded it and she said oh we will update your claim as we received info on the 21st but not been updated here, etc, then when I said its back dated from feb 2012 she said oh it doesn't make any difference, so confused, does it mean I get full housing benefit or still have to pay £155 towards my rent, anyone any idea thanks

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  • Search me, Jue - I'm not even sure the administering authorities know what they're doing! :O

    From what you say, it looks as though you'll get the full amount, but you could ask for an appointment with a housing officer to clear the situation up. They are usually quite happy to visit you at your home. They will have a chat and explain exactly what you should be receiving - much better than a telephone discussion.

    Hope this helps

    Moffy x

  • Jue, I get High rate mobility and low rate care as I have FMS and a couple of other problems but having a 2 bedroom property (my kids stay at weekends) I still was notified of the 14% reduction in housing benefit. Since this decision, I visited my housing benefits office where I was told that if I had anyone stay over for overnight care, which I do from time to time, that they would pay the 14%. However, I live in social housing and by the sound of the amount you have to pay to top up your housing benefit, you live in private rented housing right? In this case there is a cap on how much they will pay depending on your circumstances. I have raised the question regarding the DLA care component and Housing Benefit with our local Law Centre, so as soon as I have an answer, I will post it. :)

  • I'm not a specialist on benefits, so I would suggest calling one of the specialist organisations listed on the link below:


  • thanks all. had a phone call from housing people not long ago and he informed me that as I have been awarded dla (any part) then full housing benefit and council tax will be paid even though I have independent son living with me and that they will be back dating it from Feb 2012 and a nice little lump sum will be in my bank on the 15th for what the council owe me for underpayments, well pleased , x

  • so do people get housing benefit if they have low rate care and high rate mobility ? as my hubby works but gets just above any thresholds for anything ?

  • I think (don't quote me) that you would not get all of it paid because of hubbys employment but I think anyone who lives in the same house that is disabled gets some sort of discounts...I know my mum gets I think 25% discounted council tax for my sister who has learning disabilities, she owns her home.

  • i am divorced and live with my 3 children eldest is in employment part time, hence the deductions on housing and council tax before, the man at council said i will get full rent and council tax paid and it didn't matter about a independent earnings as on any rate of dla, i also on esa,. try the benefit calculator. you don't put your name in etc, just what money you have coming in etc and it works out if you get any help, x

  • they have to give you money back if you didn,t have to pay rent go law centre

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