I have been on ESA support group since about August last year and also DLA high rate mobility and care for about the same amount of time. I think my ESA was for 3 years.

I have received no new forms or anything for the new PIP.

I did however receive a letter from the council relating to my COUNCIL TAX and from 1st April i will not get any assistance.

Thanks in advance for your reply's

Belinda x

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  • I am on dla I received news of the changes and how they would affect everyone on weds people whose dla is due to run out soon ....mine is in June this year they are sending the renewal forms early and telling them to get them back before April. I have just sent my forms back. My sons was due to run out April they sent his forms to us in November and told to get them back ASAP . I filled them in and got the decision back in 2 weeks ... No change :) and he won't be contacted again until October 2015. If my claim is successful again I won't be contacted till October 2015 as well

    We had the council tax form a few weeks ago we will get 75 % benefit. So we will have to find an extra £250 a year

    VG x

  • so do you think because i have been on both esa and dla for less than a year i wont hear anything for a while ? i will have to find £760 a year as from April all i will get is the single persons allowance.

    Belinda x

  • Hello bbstport,

    If anyone would like any further information about PIP, the Benefits & Work website have put together a document about PIP and have a Factsheet too. If you would like this sent to you for free please email:

    Many Thanks


  • Hi, I have been awarded ( support group ) I don't really know what this means. Also , can I apply for Mobility allowance or a carer while on this. Hope to hear from you soon. Fibro hugs ((O)) x

    Julie Wilson.

  • hi yes you can apply for dla and carers as these are both non means tested. Esa contribution based isn't means tested but the other esa is. If your in support group then you may be entitled to other help depending on your circumstances. I hope this helps 😊

  • I don't know about ESA as I only claim dla .. I am pretty sure that as you haven't had a form to renew dla you will be in the group that gets contacted around October 2015 if your recent award was for indefinitely that's also around October 2015

    Hope that helps a little sorry I don't know about. ESA

    VG x

  • thanks for that

    B x

  • esa and dla are not connected, so your dla shouldnt be dependant on your esa award.

    how long is your dla award for? i guess it will depend on how long that is.

    you can always call them on 08457568789, i have always found them very helpful.

    ps. sorry about all lower case, typing one handed xxx

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