Hi everyone I just wanted to share a positive outcome with DLA claims.

I had been recieving lower rate care for roughly 10 yrs but almost 2yrs ago my health deteriorated so badly suffering with lumber stenosis and although suffered with chronic pain syndrome since I was 13yrs old I was diagnosed with FMS roughly the same time. My osteoarthritis has got worse and suffering rheumatoid in my fingers. This has lead me to being unable to wash/dress by myself, walk with out help and crutches/stick needing a wheelchair to go any where. So as we have come to expect we have to battle with our claims, and on my first reclaim to reaccess my claim I was awarded my lower rate care as I didn't meet their criteria to increase my DLA. I asked them to look at my claim again, Failed again so went to tribunal. Went and they postboned the hearing said they would like one of their medical practitioners to visit me at home .... which when she came thought at first sight of me she was accessing my 'mobility componant' to increase.... not so as I haven't been deemed to qualify for it! She was very nice, came from Cardiff to Cornwall as they deal with myclaim, even having to take to bed during medical as got so ill.

Any way back at the hearing which took 2hrs to answer questions they awarded me high rate mobility and still lower rate care. they back paid me lovely: )

But That was 2 mths ago, and during all this my original claim was up for renewal and the expected brown envalope came this morning thinking with heavy heart 'here we go again, appeals'!...... WELL not so very happy to read I have kept my high rate mobility untill 2015..... AND the really great news I have also been awarded High rate Care untill 2015 : D :D :D !!!!!

So for once I can say THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO THE dwp and finally some peace of mind for the next few yrs!

So I hope this enspires you to keep fighting and appealing and gather as much evidence as you can as this story could apply to you

Sorry its a bit long winded but felt i neede to explain my process.

Hugs poppy xx

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  • thats brilliant news, well done

  • wow thats is good news yay :-D xxx

    makes a change to read someone actually getting it x

  • lets hope my good fortune rubs off on others : )

    poppy xx

  • I am so pleased for you we have both had a good day today Bless you xx

  • i will keep my finger,toes everything i can for a positive outcome

    hugs poppy xxx

  • So happy for you I just won my appeal for esa, such a relief I know its about our health but financial its such a relief.

    Soft hugs xxx


  • thats great news to hear, you are right peace of mind contributes to our welbeing

    poppy xx

  • that is so cooool poppy so happy happy happy fo you petal

  • thanks fadedblossom

    poppy xxx

  • So happy for you, I know what a great wieght it can take off as I just got my claim approved :) xxx

  • i won my tribunal on wednesday. i have middle care and high mobility. so i am as happy as you are. So if there are people out there fighting like us, then take heart.

  • Such fabulous news poppy - not before time as you obviously have needed it for a very long time. I didn't appeal this time because I know I just don't have enough documntation and might have to change GPs because she is very unsupportive. They've only stopped kicking me off ESA since the cancer diagnosis so don't want to push my luck 'til after surgery.

    Congrats again x

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