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Does anyone know what is the time frame for the DLA to sort things out

Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone knew what the time frame was for the DLA to tell you they have made a decision, after your claim is with the decision maker ????. I made a claim from the 29th may (A lovely lady named Sharon from DIAL came out to help me with the form, she was a star) and i still haven't received a decision. I already claim ESA in the support group and have been told they have all the information they need from my GP and that so i was just wondering how much longer should i leave it before contacting them again. Any advice will be greatly received, gentle hugs to you all x

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Hi Sarah

I'm sorry but there aren't any time-lines with benefits sadly its just a waiting game which is what we all find so difficult and stressful.

I applied for DLA in February and it took them until August to finally come to a decision. I also think it depends where you live and what your local office is like. For instance I was told on my letter not to contact them before 11 weeks was up if I hadn't heard anything because they had such a backlog to deal with. doesn't help does it?

You could always contact your advocate at Dial and ask if they've heard anything?!

Sorry! can't really help you but stay hopeful and let us know how you get on :)

xxx zeb xxx calming soft fluffies for you :)


Hi there Sarah, agree completely with what zeb has just said, they are a bit of a law unto themselves as far as timing goes. I would certainly contact your advocate at DIAL and see if she can either get an answer or hurry things along. When I was being reassessed the office was based in Swansea I think, I did ring them and they were in fact very pleasant, apologised for the time taken, but du to back logs, but I did get a reply then within a week, so it never harms to rattle the cage, as they say......or perhaps they don't say that...... I never know. :D

Good luck anyway Sarah. :-) :-)

Foggy x


It varies that's for sure, I applied 1st time & heard within a couple of weeks & it's gone to tribunal now and been waiting months!!

Since then I have other issues affecting me and even I don't know how to add this , so just hang on in there xxx



Hi fairycazzie, are you not using an advocate service such as someone from the CAB? As they would sort it for you :) I've always used them for appeals and tribunals as they know the proper jargon and the rules too.

You could try calling the DLA to let them know that your circumstances have changed and explain your situation.

Apart from that fairycazzie I don't know what to suggest hunny :)

keep us posted and let us know how you get on :)

calming fluffies for you

xxxzebxxx PS: world cruise fun, all aboard at 11am hope you can make it! :D


Thanks zeb, my hubby filled it all in , I did it on laptop and printed out but hubby did it as he ok with paperwork .

Xxxxxxx fairy soft hugs back


lucky you!

heheheh! my hubby is terrible with computers never mind paperwork LOL

keep us posted



Thank you so much everyone for your advice, i will keep you all informed once i get in touch with the lady from dial xxxx


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