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They say it comes in 3s

Yep they say thing come in 3s well I had those 2 sists so that was 1&2, this morning came number 3 hubby went out to take our daughter to work as she only lives next door, and no motor bike some low life little shit has stolen it, his baby was gone a Kawasaki zx1000 black red and silver he just got it back to its original colours, so now I'm stressing as to whether their gonna come back and try for something else, I know it was outside but I still feel sick about it , we have lived here for 17 years no problems.

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Oh hun how ghastly when you started I thought oh not another Cyst so glad it is not one. Sorry about the Bike hopefully the police will get it back in one piece. It was insured wasn't it? So you can replace it but hell what a lot of stress. Sorry try and keep as calm as you can xgins


I can sympathise with that Sthandra. Not as bad as yours cos my hubbys bike is only a litle 125 and just a work horse really so that I can have the car at home but the morning he found it missing was very upsetting. The worst thing was how hard it was to contact the police...3 phone numbers before he could speak to someone. He did get it back but it cost us quite a bit to put right and the stress factor was high. Hope he gets it back, please don't stress too much cos it'll make you feel really poorly. Soft hugs, speedy xx


Thankyou guys, yes it was insured he thinks they will offer him a pitence no where near what it will cost to replace it he's checked out how much it will cost to replace it on that we'll known auction site its around £14 and a half grand not cheap, he has posted it on face book with a photograph our youngest daughter has reposted it as has my dad now its just a waiting game to see if its found, that's the third bike to be stolen from out side a house I've lived in my mum's cz 125 was taken off our front path when I was 11 we got it back but it was in a right mess someone had used it to go scrambling on it was found in a dich , my eldest daughters father had his stolen from out side our flat in 1987 it was found in Humberside 3 months later insurance had payed out but he didn't see a penny it all went to the finance company, and now this one, I don't know if this would be counted as stolen but when we moved house once as a child my dad had a BSA he said it would be the last thing to be moved and it was as he hadn't got off his but to shift it the landlady had it moved.

We hope it will be found but I think it will probably be stripped down and sold for spares its harder to trace than a complete bike. Gentle hugs to all. Sithy


So sorry this has happened, I understand just how you feel. Very recently my daughter was broken into 3 times! The first time they took her computer monitor and dvd's, the 2nd time her computer, (it's a council house, and the window they'd broke the first time was still just boarded up). What she didn't realize was the 2nd time they also took her keys from her back door, and the next time took her cooker, fridge, microwave, and hoover!! At the time her benefits had been stopped under investigation, so no house insurance. Now she has all her benefits back, so has just applied for a grant to replace her essentials, she is badly disabled, so really needs a washing machine at the very least. I have been unable to help her financially, or with washing as I wasn't able to drive due to surgery on my hand, plus really I have enough of my own things to do I'm afraid. But we're pretty certain it was someone who she knew, and it was to fund drugs! Until they have tougher sentences for the one's who get caught(I know not very many), there is just no deterrent at all.

I hope you get the bike back, but like you, I really doubt it, always the innocent people who suffer.


sorry to hear about huby bike .. sadly it happens i hope you get it back

have you asked on facebook to put a eye out for it ? silly as i know it has worked for a few people you ask friends to keep eye out then ask them to pass it on too ...

fingers crossed

gentle dyslexic hugs


Thanks guys sorry to hear about your daughter stormlady I hope things get better for her, my hubby and his friend found the ignition barrel and surrounding plastics up by a block of garages near our house they were outside his friends garage but the idiot friend picked them up so if there had been any prints on them they were no good as his were now all over the bits obliterating the theavs prints the burk. Tanks again guys an thanks for the tip about Facebook he's got his friends and their friends posting and reposting it and as he has friends all over rhe world with any luck we may get word about it fingers holographicly crossed , gentle hugs to all . Sithy


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