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They say it is always darkest before the dawn

Today it is one of the darkest densest blackest mornings I can recall. When I got up the moon was shinning and the stars were out but now an hour later there is nothing just uncredible inky black. I am sure dawn will make a appearance soon (sighs) it feels chilly and quiet here and I know there is a frost out on the cars.

Must be time for more coffee strong and black (chuckles) I wonder how you all are today I hope every one is feeling ok xxgins

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Gins , open your eyes, it will it lighten considerably ;)

On a serious note, really sorry you haven't slept well , coffee sounds good with maybe one of those yummy puddings you were mentioning yesterday.. I can be round in about oh say 3 weeks my mobility scooter doesn't go that fast and I don't know where you live but that should give you plenty of time to get ready......

Hugs VGx


I will be ready but I do not think scooters are allowed on the M6 -- Hugs xgins


Hi gins. Its a dire day here too in belfast its blowing a gale nd its absolutely freezing. I live in an old 3 storey home which is nigh on impossible to keep warm even with the heat on full blast and it doesnt help that my kidz apparently dont know how to shut doors properly grrrrrr!! I hate this time of yr its so dull miserable and cold but on a more pisitive note at least we dont get hurricanes those poor new yorkers took a real battering and the loss of life and damage to property and infrastructure was unbelievable. Watching the drama unfold on the news was awful and the aftermath looked like something from an apocolypse!! Newyork suffered so much loss and devastation as a result of the terror attacks of 9/11 its so sad to see them suffering again. I guess we can coubnt our blessings that our weather is just crap and not a killer!!! :-)

Hope it brightens up in your neck of the woods think im gonna stay home 2day dont wanna risk being blown away nd ending up in oz lol x take care & stay warm

Dixie xx


just click those red shoes together and you should be fine :) I agree my heart goes out to all those poor people who are now facing such devistation to go home and find match sticks for houses and every thing gone how lucky we are - at least we are in the warm with roofs over our heads.. Take care hun xgins


looks lovely outside, blue sky, slight sunshine (mind you it's a bit vague cos I'm wearing dark glasses!)

I soooo want to go out, I've been in for over2 weeks & I'm going crazy!

I almost called a taxi to take me to Asda, but I chickened out of it. I know I'm not safe on my mobility chariot at the moment, so what can I do?

I opened my windows for fresh air but it's not the same. I want to turn the clock back!!!!!


Hi Cobweb you are sounding so much more positive - slowly slowly catch a monkey - my dad used to say that to me when I was impatient- but it is excellent you are feeling so much better. Get your chair so the sun shines through the window on yuou and then sit and have a doze - excellent stuff lots of free vitamin D xgins


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