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Holidays, are they worth it?

Good morning all,

I have been for a weeks holiday abroad, took a carer with me and had a lovely time. The heat made some pains better and some much worse but I could swim every day.

Home again now and going to take weeks to get myself back level pain and tirednes wise. I really enjoyed the break away but am asking myself is it really worth the seasaw that it causes to the fibro.

Wondered if anyone else finds holidays set things off again. Not moaning just wondered how holidays affect everyone.

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Hi devonlady.

i was saying the exact thing to my hubby. we went away beginning of june for two weeks to greece.And quite honestly I loved the swimming but could hardly walk and have only just starting to get over it. Now he wants to go abroad november, was trying to get out of it as i feel sorry for him cause he loves his holidays, thankfully his sister is coming to visit october so he has changed his mind if i could have done cartwheels i would. just got to look forward to next june and a six month recovery lol so do i think they are worth it no no no but may i am going in this country so weather good i could persuade to holiday at home it would be better xxxx


Thanks Webby,

I do love the fact the sun helps my SAD but if we have a good summer then I prefer to holiday at home as easier fibro wise. This year I think I needed some sun to get me throught the winter but boy the pains this week are shattering although brain fog is bit better. x


Me too! I sometimes think "is it worth it???" Find holidays a "nightmare", all the "planning" beforehand, the journey - hate having to sit on the plane for so long makes all my bones ache :( But likewise hate to disappoint my hubby so agree to go -have to make sure I "pace" myself whilst away and not agree to do everything the family want to do! I actually prefer to holiday in this country or go out for day-trips so I can try and stick to my daily routine (but the weather usually lets us down!) My husband wants to take me to New York as a special treat (not much of a special treat for me --hate big cities :( ) so have agreed to go to Sicily for 1 week in oct (I find that I can cope better with shorter holidays) Problem with hols is that you can't stick to your "normal routine" --I feel so "jealous" of all those people who go on exotic holidays to faraway places!! x


Yes I do find that shorter holidays are better than long ones. If we only had good weather then would be fine here. I couldn't go abroad on my own as because of the noise in the terminals I cannot hear the announcements, would have missed my flight home if I had been on my own. I also get very disorientated in big noisy places. I do find that wearing big old fashioned head phones on the plane helps me to feel less exhausted on landing, I have no idear why this works but it does. Likewise I find on bad virtigo days if I have to go out then wearing earphones seems to help my balance, maybe because I don't get startled by the traffic or other noises. x


hi there im not much help really today.but i agree maybe a shorter holiday and maybe not to far away on the plane .so that your body doesnt have to adjust too much to time zone etc.

i personally love holidays abroad.

you do suffer back home but i think the holiday is worth this .plus i take my meds with me and dont over do it either over there.

we all need a break once in a while.


Yes Sammy, there is something to be said about a break away for a bit of stimulation. Life is a balancing act with fibro. x


Perhaps the holiday would be better somewhere less different in climate? Going someplace hot is great, but if you come back to cold, your bodies will react stromgly to the temperature difference, and make you feel worse?

I haven't had a foreign holiday for more than 20 years, I take short weekend breaks with friends, someplace in Britain. I find getting with my mates good fun and relaxing, a weekend is long enough to make me feel reenergised, and I haven't got the temperature changes to cope with.

Works for me.

Cheers, Midori


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