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Well they are trying to get rid of me at work

Phoned manager to say I was hoping to come back to work soon. She said about redeployment but after discussion said ok let me know. In the meantime the person under her invited me for lunch and said I can fight if I like but they are puttiing me up for redeployment. Naturally I'm devestated as was looking fwd to going back and gave me a reason to exercise and work for fitness to return. Now top boss not taking my phone calls so understudy left message on my ans phone reiterating "the departments" stance is I'm not able to go back. Phoned ACAS who advised I write saying I intend to come back to work to my own job unless my actual job is redundant. How blooming stressful and demoralising is that??? Feel I have to fight but how on earth can I work under people determined to get shut of me. Anyone else had similar situation

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Sorry to read this Jeannie.

Please take the advice ACAS has given you and do not talk with you employers by phone. Meet them, taking a work mate, union rep. or friend with you and ensure all meetings are minuted or recorded. You should do this for your own protection as there is no way to confirm what your employers have said if you need to take things further.

There is someone on this site with legal experience.Maybe admin will know who.

I used to be a union rep both local and national but have not got the brain function to keep up with changes of information any more. I think it drained my brain fighting to keep my job. After 3 yrs of bad flare ups and having strokes I gave up fighting.

Wishing you all the best in returning xx


Thank you so much for this Fiona made me feel lads better. Glad u advised not to talk as I was going to phone on Monday - its so hard to think people I've worked with for ten years and who I have held in such high regard could be like this. Thanx again.

Gentle hugs



Hi Jeannie

I agree wth FionaP. Hv had lots of problems at work (NHS) over the years and they've now pared down their policies to the absolute minimum so it appears tht they only want fit and able people to work there. Which goes against DDA/Equality Act. I constantly hv to fight. Hv just been given an absence caution n can only hv one period of absence of no more than 3 days in nxt 3 months! V stressful n puts extra strain on you. Therefore definitely meet wth yr employers,take someone wth u who can advise u (stop the meeting at any time if a)u need a break n b)u need advice/discussion. Joining a union would help as they can providesomeone after abt 3 month's membership. Like FionaP says,a colleague is gd but not if they themselves feel vulnerable within the company. After mounting its gd to write to them wth yr interpretation of the meeting. therefore they can reply if necessary. do yr homework wth the Equality Act n remember Reasonable Adjustments. This can be a change in hours,equipment,working from home (if do-able). Have a look at their suggestions under the Act. We're behind u and can help always if u need more advice but do join a union.

Mimi x


I am so sorry you are going through the mill with your work at the moment Jeannie, this isn't at all uncommon unfortunately, we hear about it all the time and it's so stressful isn't it.

The best piece of advice to give you would be to ensure everything is down on paper. Avoid telephone calls, put everything in writing so your replies come back in writing. This is all evidence. It's easy in a phone call for your employer to be misleading or underhand, but impossible in writing because you can produce this against them. This is so important. Keep every communication logged and filed, dated etc. Make a note of names, anything at all.

Do you have a Human Resources Department, have you communicated with them at all? Do you have a Contract Of Employment, does this cover sickness etc? These are important tools to check.

Click on the link below to read about Grievances at Work which your situation certainly is, it mentions ACAS and their Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure which you could familiarise yourself with in readiness.

There is some good info within this link, and it reiterates the need to keep everything in writing as mentioned above.

If your employer eventually reaches a decision you disagree with, click on the link below for info regarding this -

Employers have to be a little cautious these days because they could dismiss you and be guilty of discrimination, so this is a point to note too.

I hope this info helps a little, at least it's a start. If you have any particular concerns by all means contact us and we will do our best to look up info and to try and help and support you where we can. Always happy to help. Take care Jeannie and please keep us informed as to how you are getting along.


OMG. You are all so very very kind bought a tear to my eye. Yes u are so right I need to get reading and not speak by phone. I'm expecting a call from Union Monday the chap wasn't helpful last time I spoke but I shall b assertive and ask for a meeting to discuss things and for him to attend meeting with management with me.

Thank u again xxx


Oh bless you Jeannie, we are only too happy to try to help you! (((hug)))

That's the spirit, think positive and keep going! Try to avoid telephone calls as there isn't any proof of what you're being told. Far better to get everyone to put communications in writing, I know this takes time but it's all proof and evidence.

Regarding Monday's telephone call, make sure you write everything down and make a note of peoples' names you speak to, so at least you can refer to it if need be. Also keep a note of dates and times.

I have everything crossed for you and wish you all the very best. Please keep us in the loop and let us know how it all goes for you. We are all here for you Jeannie, take care.


Hi All - good news - contacted Union who recommend I contact HR arrange a meeting with him present and we ask for reasonable adjustments!!!! He says it's not upto my manager and supervisor to say if I can come back it's upto HR - so fingers legs and anything else crossed!!!!!! Had a good day today still making progress but over did it abit - so glad to sink into my bed and pray I'm ok tomorrow. Thanx again for all your support you gave me strength- i'll keep you updated!!!

Soft hugs to all!!!!

Jeannie x


It is good to hear that you are now organised, with some support. I hope you are feeling better and that your meetings go the way you want/need Fi xx


You poor girl, you just don't need this, don't they realise they adding to your already stressful life.

In short my story: I had to give up work 10 years ago, I would dearly love to go back, but sadly I think the stress is too much. I was told to alter my life style by the medical professionals I was seeing then. I had a good job, well paid. The people I worked with did not like me as I was having so much time off. I ruptured 2 disc's in my lower back, let alone this FMS problem, which I did not know I had at the time. I could not walk, went to see Dr, they did nothing. So I paid to see an osteopath, she got me walking, I went back to work too early and have lived with the consequences ever since. When they say you have to come back or we will stop paying you, or we will have to get someone else to do your job. Meaning good bye. I went back, I gave my all to my job, working all the hours under the sun, Saturday, Sunday, never had a xmas off, give, give, give. (my job was Sales and Accounts administration)

I look back and think why loyalty is only one way, you give it to your firm. I don't know how long you have been at your job, but take the advice given. It may seem stressful now, if you can get someone to support you with it, let the help. I hope you firm does not do the dirty, but get every thing in writing. As one day you may need this to back you up.

I hope today was a good day, wishing you every success all the best.


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