Won My Appeal......I can now get on with living my life!!!!!

I have been on ESA (work-related activity group)....since last November, previously on IB...for 10 years... I appealed against being put into this group and not the support group as soon as I received it...I went to appeal on Tuesday last and today have received a letter from the Tribunal Court... I WON.......on the bases of Schedule 3 of the ESA Regulations 2008.....1....this is the mobility Regulation...and they have added that I should not be assed again for 6 mths.....I'll be receiving state pension in June next year...and I can then be free of ESA for good...Comes to something when getting old is the best thing to happen to me. The down side of this joy is that...regardless of what the descison had been it won't make one bit of difference to the pain I'm in every minute of the day or nigh or they way I live my life...all it has done and what I'm so grateful for ...is that it will not now have to worry so much about being with out the money coming in.......If your waiting to go to appeal I wish you luck and go prepared with as much paper work with regard to hospital appointments and reports from specialist and your GP...

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  • Well done! that's a great result.

    Best wishes xx

  • Thanks..its a weight of my shoulders for sure....

  • Congratulations, one more less thing to worry about xx

  • Well done it must be a huge relief now you can grab a cuppa, sit back and breathe :)

    Now you'll be able to manage the daily challenges a lot easier as you won't be as stressed what have you rewarded yourself with? Something foody, or shoes or your fave wine?

    Many relaxing happy fluffies for you

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Well all those things would be nice but......can't walk in high heels.....can't drink wine.....or too much rich food...so I'm just happy to be free of worry for now.....thats reward enough....

  • Brilliant result. I am pleased for you.



  • well done! you must be so relieved.

  • I'm so very pleased for you and what a relief!

  • Thanks to every one for their replies.....

  • Congratulations ! What a relief x

  • Great to hear some good news.!

  • Thanks to every one for their replies.....

  • Well done, Rosaan! I know exactly what you mean about waiting for your pension. I've now had a few years added on to that one and then I know they'll start tinkering round with the pensions knowing my luck. Anyway, breathe a sigh of relief :-)

  • hi , i did all that you did at my appeal but i lost. xxx

  • Did you appeal the decision...?

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