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I have had appeal turned down for DLA. Anybody here made it to tribunal? I am soooo depressed

Have been claiming DlA for the last 3 yrs on high rate mobility and low rate care. Was told to fill form in for renewal and got declined, appealed and got turned down :(. I am now housebound unless someone takes me out with an assisted wheelchair as i cannot walk unaided. I need the DLA to be able to get the motability scooter again, social services have put taxi service in place for my child to attend school, i have a stairlift (as cannot get up n down without it) am on ESA in support group and have a carer 3x per wk. I am at present off all my meds as am expecting another child, no. 4 lol. The pain is making things harder but only short term, my depression is kicking in big time though! Why do they fully support alchoholics and drug abusers but treat me like a benefit cheat!!!????????????????? sob sob sob. No idea when my tribunal will happen but really stressing about it, any advice please?

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There are quite a few on this site who have gone to tribunal. the fact you can't walk should have got you higher rate mobility (assume you said you couldn't walk 200 metres)

get the benefitsandwork DLA sheet (just message Admin with your request and your email address) and compare your answers against it ... it will give you the heads up on what is relevent at the tribunal

Good luck xx


Hi Wiccamom

Sorry to hear you're having such a tough time! When my sister went to tribunal it helped that she'd been assessed by occupational therapy and she also contacted her MP for advice - so you could maybe try both of them if you haven't already.

Good luck and big hugs x


Hi Wiccamom

You say you have just filled out a new form after having had DLA for 3 years, did you fill out the form as you did your last form ? if yes ask the DWP for a written explanation regarding why you failed this time as this may help you to appeal in the future, you may not be able to do something this time because you have already been to a tribunal or you may have to wait a few months before you can re-apply for DLA. I sugget you contact your MP, let him/her do some work, I saw a programme on tv last week where an MP was being interviewed about benefits and he said that anyone having problems about their benefits shoud contact their own MP. You can show your MP proof that you were successful 3 years previous. Hope this helps Dave


Hi I fully recommend joing Benefitsandwork website.You have to subscribe to get access to full booklets and help but have found the site to be invaluable when i took my DLA decision to tribunal.


Hi ya :) Try keep strong ...many of us have had a struggle with DLA .

I know how stressful it is but try not to let it make the Fibro worse.

When I was appealing I searched for help for support, an advocacy lady helped me with forms, Royal Princess Trust support and eventually a Legal Aid solicitor.

Check this out too ~ Advice from Disability Law Service Website

I wish I had this when I first applied ...Will definitely refer to this when they reassess

Best of luck

M x


The benefits and work helpsheets are available through this site for free. FibroAction as a charity are a corporate member.

To get a copy send a message to Admin saying what you need help with, ie DLA, and your email address and they will send you a copy.

Also have you got a care plan? If not ask your doctor to refer you to Social services so that one can be drawn up; when I asked for one a few years ago I got a carer, the falls team came out to me and provided me with all sorts of helpful aids. I copied my care plan and my carers diary when I did my ESA and my DLA returns.

Julie xx


when i went to a tribunal a few years ago I took a welfare rights lady with me and she was very helpful.


thanks to all who replid, they are great suggestions, i do have a care plan, O.T. and carer and disability social worker who all help lot, i have a welfare rigts woman lookngat my case, i hve the las 2 forms i filled in, i cannot walk 50 let alone 200, which i said on h form, it is almost as though they didnt even read it!!!!!

Will contct my local mp but last time i did that i got no help. will alo take a look at te sites suggested but afo not letting it affect me, well my depression is geting worse and i dont hav many visitors so not sure how to cope at te moment. My daughter was taken poorly at school today, i had no cash and they wantd me to collect her, luckily the school taxi firm let me off as i would not be going at teatime but otherwise i would have had no way to do it.

Thi really is ridiculous!!!



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