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PIP surprise

Had my assessment in November. As I work full time I thought I didn't stand much chance. Took a carrier bag with all my meds in. Just behaved naturally , even joked about myself and the things I struggle with, (like putting on underwear). Probably did myself a disservice in some parts saying that I just get on with it, even when I can feel pain in every joint and every bone in my feet when walking. I think honesty IS the best policy, especially if you've got an appalling memory like me. Well...surprise surprise!! I received a letter telling me I was being awarded standard rate help with personal care but not with mobility. The £55.10 per week means that I can drop a shift in work which will make a big difference. Would have liked to get the mobility rate but I'm not going to challenge it, don't think I've got the energy. Plus getting the backpay just before Christmas was such a lift to my spirits, I'm counting my blessings

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Arrh brillant news so pleased for you HAPPY NEW YEARXXX


I agree with you i'm flabbergasted too. Some one who can still work full time can get care allowance ?

I have read on here many have been turned downor had to go through a tribunal just because they could drive a car or make a train journey with help.

This is not your fault but it makes a bit of a mockery of the whole thing imo.

Do these people not all work by the same rules for everyone or do they make them up as they go along.

If I was you i'd go for the mobility it sounds like you would have a good chance of getting it if they go by the same rules you got the care allowance.

Sorry if this sounds rude it is not personal against you but the system it sucks.

And just for the record it is not sour grapes on my part but frustration for others who can't even work that get turned down. I get both mobility and lower care.



I put the post up to encourage people who still manage to work, despite the pain and all that comes with fibromyalgia , and who may not have considered applying for pip, to give it a try. This is down to each individual, and pain affects people in different ways. I value the fact that I can continue to work. Judging by your comments you make me feel as if I'm being greedy earning a wage and getting PIP. It says on the forms that you can work and still claim it. I will continue to work because I can , despite having more bad days than good. How the government , assessors or whoever , make their decisions is not down to me. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, this doesn't give us the right to speak on behalf of others.


Wonderful news so pleased for you.

I know it was DLA not PIP but my friend got LR care and HR mobility and at the time she worked with me as a trainer of the unemployed. They took the view that with her rheumatoid arthritis she could not use public transport and she had a specially adapted car so that was the mobility sorted and as her husband had to help her get her tights on, do up buttons etc and cut sandwiches etc for her they decided to give her LR care. Like others have said it is just how the assessor on the day views things.

Anyway thrilled for you and hope others who apply get what they deserve.x


Wonderful that pain is acknowledged for the devestation is exacts.

No body gives medals for soldiering on. Good on you.

Enjoy the new year. May you find relief and peace.


I said It was not personal so please don't make it so. I also know what good and bad days are my dear I have had Fibro for 30 years 15 of them spending most of the time in a wheel chair because of it.

I am also house bound and what flabbergasted me was how you were awarded the middle rate for care while still been able to work a full week. while others less able are only given the lower rate.

Below are what the rates are awarded for and all I was saying is how do these people say people who can work should get the middle rate than those who need daily supervision which you obviously don't or you wouldn't be able to work. While others only get lower rate. And yes I will be asking this question to those who do the assessments.

I am glad you got the award. There is no reason why folks shouldn't put in a claim they are fully within their rights. I never called you greedy so please don't assume that is what i meant. I will not be replying any further on this post as i am sure neither of us need the stress. thank you for your earlier reply. Please have a good evening.

Care component

Care componentWeekly rateLevel of help you need

Lowest£21.80Help for some of the day or with preparing cooked meals

Middle£55.10Frequent help or constant supervision during the day, supervision at night or someone to help you while on dialysis

Highest£82.30Help or supervision throughout both day and night, or you’re terminally ill



PIP only has 2 levels for each component - standard and enhanced, so there is no lower rate.


Thank you for pointing this out as I was quoting the dla which I am on. So from what I see they have basicly removed the lower rate as the 2 remaining components are the same as the DLA.

Which to my way of thinking makes things worse for those who are still on DLA lower rate

Surely the very least the lower rate should be put on the middle rate untill they go through this pip business.

Or will those who may be lucky enough to get the lower of the two pip allowances get back pay for all the time they had been waiting for the pip assessment I doubt it but who knows with this government.

I would just like to point out once again I did not call any one greedy or begrudge them their award. It was the way the whole benifts that many sick and house bound people need that seem to be getting penalised By this new benifit system pip.

This is evident just by reading over the last few weeks.

So please read what I wrote before sending out the lynch mob.

We as far as I remember in this country are still entitled to free speach. What I wrote was a personal opinion.

I hope this closes the matter though I doubt it.



You're welcome. I don't know about the people who move from DLA to PIP, but for new applicants the PIP payments are backdated to when you made made the initial application.

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You have made me feel better about my decision to call to request a form this morning. Though only diagnosed with fibromyalgia in September I have not been able to work due to my symptoms which were thought to be many different illnesses that on investigation proved negative I have never claimed any benefits before so reading some of the posts about applying for pip I have been reluctant to put myself through the anxiety. When I made the call I was a stammering wreak (I stammer when tired or stressed) breaking down in tears at times the lady on the other end was very patient with me. I seem to have losed me - who would think from the words I have written that I was once a freelance purchasing manager over seeing spends of millions. Thank you.


Sadly, fibro happens to the best of us! I whole heartedly miss the person that I was. Very active. Loved my job. Never sat down. Always on the go.....through choice.

Symptoms started 5 years ago and have increased to the point of only being able to work 10hrs a week and most of the time I am off sick. I now have trouble walking. Can't hold anything in my right hand. Have burnt myself with tea several times. I have involuntary flinches and movements of my fingers, arms and legs. I now suffer with deep depression. My husband peels all the veg before he goes to work and helps me put my knickers, bra and socks on in the morning.

This week I applied for PIP, but the anxiety of going through this and it hasn't even started yet, is making my condition worse.

Does everyone that applies have to go through a face to face interview?

Lisa 😢


Gillian that is such great news. I also work full time but am really struggling. My career is very important to me, as is the salary, but I know my health is having a marked effect on my ability to work. I have a highly stressful and demanding position which requires a lot of mental stamina. My memory is dreadful, joint pain on a daily basis is often un-bearable and distracts me from my work - it used to be the other way around. I haven't yet applied for anything like PIP but I am glad for you that it has increased your options and may in some way make life that bit more bearable. I of course hugely sympathise with anyone who is in a worse situation, unable to work and struggling to get assistance - that is so wrong - however it does not detract from your situation being a deserved win for the workers who also deserve a helping hand.


Congratulations, I am absolutely delighted for you. Well done my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Gillian, so happy for you. I work fulltime and get high mobility on DLA. Good on you.

You have given me hope for when I have to apply for PIP in the future.

Its because of the freedom pass and blue badge I get to go to work as I couldn't mange with out them.

Chin up. You should not feel that you are being greedy. You are entitled to it and deserve it as having the Fibro is wretched most days.

How lovely that you can drop a shift. It those kind of things/dreams that keep me going I'm hoping to go part-time soon.

Dealing with the DWP through my job on a daily basis show me what a mockery the system can be. However there are good DWP people that shine every day and try to help my clients. I'm glad you got your entitlement shame mobility wasn't given.

I wish you well.


I'm glad you had a (semi) successful assessment. Mine was exactly the same, even down to the timing, but with a few added tears from having to be brutally honest. Same result too.

Was your assessment in Chatham, as I think fibro sufferers might get a slightly more empathic reception from one of the assessors there (as her daughter has fibro).

I didn't have the energy to challenge the mobility assessment either. It seems that it doesn't matter if you struggle to walk and have difficulty following a travel plan, as long as you can make the plan in the first place (I can use an Internet journey planner).



No, I live on the Wirral in Merseyside. Think I'm happy to accept the benefit awarded because I actually expected to be declined


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