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Keep on truckin (like My Mum)

Over the years she has suffered many ailments and I think she may have had something similar to us if not indeed fibro but she just kept on truckin and now, well next year to be precise, in July on her EIGHTIETH birthday she is getting married again(we lost Dad in '99)

In the last ten years she has moved twice, buying her own places, had a personal trainer at the gym, gone swimming and gone travelling. Then she met Tony and they are like a pair of giddy kippers, holding hands and going to country and western gigs.

She used to get so ill ( aches, pains, foot pain, overweight, fatigue, )she said she would not make it past 68 (her Ma had a strOke at that age)

but lookit, she is to be admired, I am proud of her.!!!!!

Take heart..................

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That's fantastic. Good for her and also congratulations! I'm not surprised you're so proud of her. It's good to hear some positive uplifting news. Hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating on the wedding day. Becky xx


You Should be really proud of her. Tell her I wish them every happiness .A friend of mine l one of our WI ladies got married 22nd April they are both 78. The atmosphere was wonderful one of the best wedding's I have every been to .And when he got down on one knee and sang I'll walk beside you we were all in tears.


Awhhh - it's amazing what a bit of romance will do! i hope they have many happy years together!

Moffy x


What a lovely story - shows there's hope for all of us! x


Beautiful story, you must be so proud of her. It proves we are never too old to find love, and there is somebody out there for everyone. Wishing her many more happy years x


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