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ive just got my form for the dla i dont want to apply for mobility as im coping at the moment , i also want to kep working for my 12 hours a week but i cant do no more and im allowed to sit at work as well. i do want to apply cos i have trouble with cooking ie cant peel potatoes anymore but can take some mash out of freezer and chuck in microwave, sometimes if im bad the kids bring me some drink and toast before they go to school and i can stay upstairs as i have an ensuite. im on anti depressants for the fibro and depression and have to wear a mask at night as i have obstructive sleep apnea which one of the kids helps me on with it when i go to bed which is usually well before them!

im under alot of stress at moment got son and his girlfriend whos pregnant moving back in but in the summerhouse as have no room in the house for them as hes got himself into finacial probs hes also got bipolar and adhd and has dla and his gf is his carer.

what i want to ask is with all this going on should i claim ? will i be entitled to it for the fibro and osa esp if i want to carry on working , i know i wont get high dla or mobility but is it worth it?

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It sounds like you will certainly be entitled to it. Both parts.

Entitled as you are disabled and deserve to be awarded it.

Check out some of the tags on here and on Health Unlocked before you complete it as they will give you advice.

It sounds as though you could do with help also so you could ask Social Services for an assessment for home care or Direct Payments (Do a www search for info) to employ someone to help around your home, personal care, shopping.... Good luck xx


I have limited mobility. And can't hold things safely cos my hands drop anything heavy.. I got the lowest care dla £80 a month due to the fact I can't cook a cooked dinner safely my husband does the cooking. So I would say you should get that at least.. I can't get the mobility part at. All even though I don't drive and have a disabled bus pass... I,m in my 40s but they keep saying if you can walk at all even with a stick no mobility allowance. So I gratefully took the disabled bus pass cos on good days the bus stop is very near and it takes me right to the shops... Though if I am disabled enough to get the buss pass why can't I get mobility allowance.... I have given up trying to work that out. But back to your question ..please do apply. If you only get what I get it's still an extra £80 a month.


thank you for youre replies would i still be entitled to it if im working the 12 hours i really dont want to give it up as my husband works away during the week so other than the kids dont really see anyone and it keeps me sanish! im lucky i still drive although will have to speak to them about my osa but only drive to work which is 4 miles lwe live in a semi rural place and hardly any buses


yes it's not means tested.I would suggest that you gather as much info in the form of reports from medical professionals as you can because I applied saying I couldn't cook as I have limited function of my hands.I explained in detail that my children have to carry heavy/hot things from the oven and I can't use utensils and they wrote back and said that because I COULD do these things I was being awarded no benefit!!!!! I also can't bath or shower and they said I could!!


WHy do they lie so much Amanda, they did the same to me, they should'nt be allowed! xxx


Amanda, Claire

The lies are the vile game they play to make us give up. They are forcing us to ask for reconsiderations and appeals as a matter of course. Whoever decided that this is a decent and proper way to treat the chronically sick and disabled wants shooting!

Julie xx


Ooooh my heart goes out to you. You'r having a horrid time - no wonder

you'r in pain. Sounds like your job may be a good escape into normality.

Hope you can get some sleep - at least life can be a bit more copeable

if you can get a good rest. I haven't applied for DLA as hubby has brain

damage after an accident and he gets it - believe it or not I am his carer!!

Good luck with everything.



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