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Help I'm confused with my change from dla to pip

I'm confused with dla and pip.

After waiting since end of January for a decision on my pip I finally get a letter today, I'm getting the standard rate on mobility, (I was on higher rate on dla for an indefinite period of time) and I'm getting standard care, which I did not receive on dla, yes this is good but as I was on dla and a change of circumstances in my health meant I had to apply now for pip they will not backdate it. They say it is because you cannot get paid for both at the same time, well obviously. So they have a cut off date for dla and a start date for pip, hmm are you with me so far? But I'm not getting paid for both at the same time, yes on the mobility payment but I've never had the care component so why would they not backdate that to my application date? Help I'm confused. What makes this worse is, if I had never had dla in the first place and this was an initial claim for pip it would all have been backdated. I know this as my son in law who had his assessment for pip within two wks of mine has been awarded the same as me standard mobility and standard care but both those payments are backdated to his original date. There has to be something wrong here as you are now discriminated against if you were already on dla but not if your claim is an initial claim straight on pip. Can anyone help me with this please x

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Hi there

It does sound exceedingly complicated doesn't it?!

I would highly recommend that you get in touch with our own benefits advisor Janet, and ask her. Here are her contact details:


Good luck. I hope you manage to get something sorted out soon. 

Lu x



Hi Alice2355

Firstly, congratulations on qualifying for PIPs.

It does seem a little strange doesn't it? I think I would talk to an expert on this issue like Bluemermaid3 has suggested and contact Janet who is the FMA UK benefits adviser. I can see that Lu has given you the link.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I totally understand what your saying x put it in writing to them if you have only soke to them on the phone. As you speak to one person and the give you there answer then you could ring up about the same thing another day and they say something different.  Good luck with it all oh did they say what date you were awarded the standard rate of care. As that's were iv think they should pay you from if you weren't getting it on the other . Crazy think they love to stress us poor souls out grrr. Xx


Yeh it starts sometime this month and my dla stops just before that x


Hi Alice 

Im sure they dhould pay you from the date you suitted uour claim for PIP. You should get advice about this because every individual claim is assessed on a persons circumstances. Good Luck. Doreen

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