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I have been refused dla twice before even after tribunal does any-one know if you can apply again As well as having fibro last week i had 2 bones removed from my knee my mobility is almost non exsistent i was even applied for a blue badge in hope that i could go out now and again with my son but i was also refused feeling a bit low as i see me spending the rest of my life at home in bed

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that is so discusting its WRONG so WRONG , i know people who have got cars through dla and they are capable of gardening and other hard tasks . xx


I know a little of how you feel right now, I have went through similar not that long ago. You can appeal the tribunals decision thats what I did, well not me exactly I had a representative from my local council help me. If I were you I would find out if your council provide a similar service. I had no idea about benefits until I started getting the symptoms of Fibro three years ago and found I could no longer work, if it hadn't been for a friend who works for the council telling me about the service I don't know where I would be..... You could also try the Citizens Advice. I hope and pray that everything turns out well for you, as you are finding though it is a long hard struggle....

Gentle hugs xxxx


Hi sueuk,

I believe the only rule is that you must have had a condition for three months and expect it to go on fur at least six months more, to put in a new claim.

My best advice tough is to go to the main Fibro Action site, look at the Benefits and work link, in the Benefits section, then email FA for any guides or forms you may want.

You don't need to join B and W because FA has a professional membership, so they will email anything you need to you, free.

happy hugs, kate :)


Thank-you guys I really appreciate it xx Do you have a link to the site please kate


hi Hun, i am waiting for my tribunal appeal in September. all i can say is get all your medical records and hospital records send them in and appeal again. also like me i went to my local mp and he has written a letter for me. also if you have community law in your area or d.i.a.l or cab. gentle hugs xx


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