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Dla decision back

I ased te dla for an appeal on my awards. They have changed my LRC to MRC . But have completely ignored the mobility part. I am now going to appeal the mobility part as I can not walk without severe pain my critches help my balance but not my pain. I am begining to feel that I am supposed to stay in the four walls of my home/prison 24/7 as I can not get anywhere with out feelling exhausted ,in pain etc . I see people out of my window with motorbility cars that can walk better than me they seems to fly round the supermarket and play football With the kids outside. Where are we fibro sufferers going wrong. I used to go swimming but now I can't as I am unable to travel on the bus as it is very painful and once at my destination I can not move for the stiffness and pain going through my body. Can anyone tell me what planet do these decision makers live on because they most certainly do not live on mine. It is about time the DLA noticed and understood what we go through day to day and what a crap life we live that is my rant today xx

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i am with you michphil i had a dla tribunal few weeks ago they say if you can move around your house and go into your garden then nothing should stop you from going out of your front door and walk with aids, try and tell them that you dont do much in the house all day because you can,t, they asked be how may times did i have some one come around to do things for me, i told them that my children would come around a few days a week and help as husband at work, then they said what do you do for the days they dont come around why does no one look after you, i told them i do not need a babysiter am 50+ and i can cop being on my own, they treat you like your are a child, i had a few days afterwards were i din,t want to get out of bed due to my fibro, but they dont see that do they.


I feel for you I still work but it takes me all my strengh some days to get goin but the ppl that sit on these panels don't know what its really like there should be ppl who have the sane as us then we would all get what were intitled to I have been told I can get a blue badge & a bus pass but not sure how to go about it so in the meen time I'm struggling on with it hope you get sorted with yours xx


Hi, to get a blue badge, contact your local county council and ask to be put through to there blue badge department. They will send you an updated application form. I think it's the social services department for your bus pass. good luck


I beleive we have many doctors and nurses who suffer from FM. Why are they not asked to be on the panels? ah.......we know why.......because atos would not meet their government targets. People who suffer with this would be more empathetic and too many would get through. Many of us have worked hard all our lives and are just asking for a samll amount back each month to help with our diability, we have paid it in, why should we have to go to tribunals to get it back? I need a walk in shower with a seat. I cannot get into a bath, so washing is very difficult. They don't care though. We must keep on fighting for what is rightly ours. I know it's hard and humiliating but we must keep trying. Good luck xxx


My DLA appeal was turned down 2 weeks ago, 8mths after applying and this was with my hubby pushing me in a wheelchair, as I didn't know how far I would have to walk.

CAB advisor was astonished and said I should just put in another application now.

Also in Wales, I can't get a Blue Badge unless I'm on DLA!

@Dizzy, hubby got me a bath lift that takes you 6cms to the bottom of the bath and after 18yrs I can now have a bath, which I put Epsom Salts and Dead Sea Minerals muscles are lovely and loose when I get out after a soak.

I will leave it until after Christmas and then put another claim in...phew, it's a good job I meditate quite a few times a week to keep the stress down.

Good luck parchment xxx


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