DLA VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sons DLA was up for review in May, I got DIAL to come out to complete the forms....I cant cope with it now with fibro fog... He was only on low rate Mobility, and they have awarded him "low rate Mobility AND Low rate Care"... Doubled his income.

His condition isn't Fibro though, but still after all the hype about it getting tougher... in his case they came up trumps, we did expect him to loose and have to appeal so anyone thinking of holding back, DONT go for it.. :)

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  • Fantastic news, very pleased for you :)

  • Mine and my sons dla was up for reveiw after PIP came in so we were reassessed early and both got awarded dla indefinitely... Which for us should be oct 2015 .... That's why I was so opposed to someone who is no longer on here telling everyone to wait for PIP to fully come into action and then apply as I knew it would be harder looking at the PIP guidelines and we don't need extra stress and PIP don't offer a low level...


    VG x

  • Yes he's been awarded until 2015. He has Liver and Bowel Disease... and as a result of that he has Depression now. He was diagnosed age 14... he's 22 now and never leaves the house... so the care rate is for needing encouragement to take meds and eat regular meals "to avoid neglecting himself"... Glad you got yours sorted too.


  • glad it got sorted.


  • Excellent news :-)

  • Am so pleased for you, you need a bit of luck after the rough time you have had. Lets hope it's the start of good things to come

  • For sure, Thanks Jom... was starting to think we would never have a break... xx

  • I am in a similar situation and do not have any help with forms , who are DIAL ? please

  • Hi, DIAL are similar to CAB, they help with social services referrals, DLA forms e.c.t I'm not sure if they are based all over. I would put it in Google see if you have one in your area xx

  • Many thanks and well done for getting what you deserve for your son. All the best x

  • Thank You xx

  • Your most welcome, and the sun is shining !

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