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Is there any other information apart from the Fibro aaction young people booklet? My daughter is 21 and has just been diagnosed, she has just beguna relationship with someone special, she is already thinking that she will be alone and never be able to cope with having a family. I'm doing my best to motivate her, but would love some positive input if it is out there. Thanks to you all in advance :(((

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  • Hi dizzyduck, how are you? Hope your well. I havent seen anything although it might be worth looking to see if there is a support group in your area that you might be able to get some further info from? If I was your daughter and just started a new relationship I would sit that person down and give them all the info I could so they truely understand what this horrid fibro can be like as she will need their support for when she is having a bad day.

    Sorry I couldnt offer any more help.

    Take Care

    Jo xx

  • Thanks jo jo. In real terms I think she has had it since she was in secondary school. She studied at College Antomy and phsiology as she wanted to become a sports thearapist, she also studued massage, she was always in pain, her hands , her shoulders, her back. She has a very bad episode when she was 14 where he right leg just gave way and coninued to shake uncontrollably, this lasted for 8 months and they (nhs) did nothing. It stopped as quick as it came and this is how shw has been left. Her leg still twitches. My heart is breaking...... I don't want my daughter to feel like I do every single day of her young life. I'm in a local support group, but they on had the FM and young people's booklet. I have told her to try for a blue badge, do you think that's wise?

    Gentle, gentle hug

  • I was in my 20's when i got diagnosed and found a book in a chemist that was written by an English lady and found it so helpful but sadly i can't remember the name but i'm sure it's on Amazon. As for the new relationship he needs to have the full facts and the time to digest it and see if he can cope but should not be judged if he decides he's not ready. But which ever way it goes she will find someone who is worthy of her and will be supportive But it depends heavily on her out look on her fibro, My ex didn't get it and when i left him i thought i would never find anyone who would take on a ill single mum unable to have more kids and here i am 2 and a half years later i have the most amazing man ever and his family are too so if it can happen for me then it will for her, Just be honest and positive xxx

  • Thank you Rachie, that very positive XX glad that you are happy and loved for you

  • Being a young fibro sufferer myself, I've found relationships exceptionally difficult, obviously Im younger then your daughter being almost 18 myself and a guy's maturity levels tend to increase dramatically between the ages of 18 and 21 but my advise would be that of JoJo32, just tell her to fill him in on everything...and how bad things could potentially get. He needs to know that before committing to anything serious. And the sooner she talks to him the bbetter because well, that saves a minute amount of heart-break :/

    I know it's not an awful lot of help but maybe directing her personally to this site might be an idea? Then she could ask ALL the questions she has aimed at younger sufferers. Also, feel free to direct her my way if she needs advice in any aspect of surviving with this horrific illness.

    Lots if love, Beth, sending caring and gentle fibro hugs xx

  • Thank you

  • Remember ladies you deserve the best so do not settle just so you wont be lonely you will just end up unhappy, just because you have this Gift ( my word for it to keep me smiling as i have it because life thinks i'm strong enough to cope) doesn't mean you should settle for less. Your just more interesting xxxx

  • Hi Dizzy, i was diagnosed at the age of 25 but had symptoms well before then. i'm now 31 yr old single mum with a 2yr old princess. It is hard to come to terms with this illness at any age but please let your daughter know that it is possible to find a way to have a happy life. my princess has become the reason i force myself out of bed and my house as i dont want her to suffer for my ill health. also advise your daughter to read the spoon theory which is an excellent way of describing our illness to someone who doesnt understand what living with fm is like. She may not want to tell her new man about her fm for fear of scaring him off but hopefully he is mature enough to see past the unpleasantness this illness can bring and see your daughter for the person he fell for xxx

  • Prob not much help but im a single mother of 2, a teen and a tot, a tricky cobo. im 31 which i dont consider old and im dating a lovely new man... soo hopefully she can take some encouragement that fybro can effect family life but doesnt stop family life, and romance is a big part of youth, its important she doesnt hide from it.... enjoy the good days and hope through the bad :)

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