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Periods and FM :(

Hi all, yep it's here the dreaded monthly! And I'm in loads of pain, my fibro seems to be worse today, backs killing and when standing it hurts, tummy is so bloated and painful, I just seem to hurt more now my period is here. I have just taken some feminax extra which I usually use. Pharmacist said it shouldn't react with my meds which are gabapentin and sertraline. X

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Although lots of perfectly healthy women suffer ... It is stated that women with fibro are more likely to suffer ... As if we didnt have enough to contend with

Hope you feel better in a couple of days

VG x



I have suffered with painful periods all my life, since I started in fact, since I was diagnosed with fibro about 5 years ago I now realise why. I found the pill helped to reduce the pain a bit but not all together, I used to take mefenamic acid for the pain on prescription until I had an anaphylactic reaction years later lol but found that helped a lot.

Simple remedies like another water bottle can help, stomach massage and taking evening primrose oil can help minimise some symptoms.

I am now 44 and looking forward to the menopause. There are things you can take from your GP as well, don't suffer needlessly. Hope you are feeling better soon.


I always thought I was relatively free from 'women's troubles' , though I had some very heavy bleeding. My doctor ignored this for years, then one day I went to a blood donor session and it was discovered that I was severely anaemic.

I was sent to hospital and within three weeks I had a hysterectomy and was given four units of packed cells to correct the blood loss.

I know it sounds weird, but I woke up from that op feeling b* fantastic! I was a bit sore when I moved, but my brain was clear, and I felt as though I had energy just waiting there for when the operation site had healed.

I think doctors get bored with women complaining about heavy/painful periods, and rush you out of the surgery with some prescription or other, but it isn't normal to have anything more than a bit of crampy pain with your period. I think you need to go to your doc and insist on a gynae referral to see what is wrong and if anything can be done.

Only if we are very clear about our needs and expectations, and determined about insisting on good treatment, can we expect to get what we need from our ailing NHS - it's in a worse state than most of us!



Much the same thing happened to me, going to doc for years with heavy bleeding and getting fobbed off, Then a new doc joined the practice and sent me for blood tests and I was severely anaemic. Had a few different things tried long story nothing worked, Then I had a hysterectomy and the relief after the op from the moment I woke up was amazing.


So sorry you are feeling bad because of periods, as explained above I had a hysterectomy at aged 44 after years of heavy painful periods that controlled my life every month and then started to last quite long and got closer together so I had them practically every 2 weeks.

If it's just period pain made worse because you have fibro might not be too much to worry about, but have a word with your GP and see if he/she can give you something to help, especially if bleeding is heavy. Best of luck x



I have suffered from the same symptoms as you since I was a teenager and was diagnosed about 10 years ago with polycistic ovaries. Have you had this checked out?

I was offered a hysterectomy but refused due to my spiritual beliefs and I knew there were other forms of treatment. Having tried many of the pharmaceuticals in the past, become allergic to them/suffered serious side-effects. I decided to try natural and old-fashioned remedies.

The best one I can offer you is lots of rest, with legs elevated with hot cinnamon tea for the cramps. Just hot water with either cinnamon sticks steeped or put a teaspoon of powdered in the cup with hot water and drink. It doesn't taste bad and really works wonders for the cramps.

I still bleed very heavily but for less days now and on my last scan the cysts had shrunk. I'm soooo glad I didn't have the hysterectomy although I know that for others this is a solution.

I hope this helps. Have a blessed day xx



Just to say that I know many women have had a hysterectomy and never looked back, my MIL being one but for me that would have to be the last resort, it's a big op and doesn't come without risks and side-effects.

I think many male doctors are ready to whip out our wombs at the drop of a hat but I am betting if the roles were reversed they wouldn't want to lose their penis quite so readily lol. Respect to those that have had one but as I said for me I would want to explore every alternative first.


Hysterectomy would be the last resort, I'm on my own with my 3 kids since me and my hubby broke up 5 years ago, so aftercare would be hard as he lives 70 miles away from us. X


Hi joanne1973 i also have the same problem its really exhausting

I'm on iron tablets they help a little


Same problem, painful periods all my life since adolescence. In fact I started my periods at 12 and have just turned 54! No kids, last period was really bed because the cramping PM pains went on for about thirty days and I finally had my period on Day 48. Then I have the heavy bleeding to put up with and migraines and fatigue. I take CoCodomol to ease the cramps. I'm taking more of it because of the drawn out cramps. Bring on the menopause!


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