Diabetes and FM?

Hi Everyone

I am diabetic and have also been diagnosed with the dreaded FM.I have noticed that my blood sugars have been very irratic and wondered if this could be down to the FM? I have been diabetic for 43 years so I am pretty sure I have eliminated all the usual suspects for high blood sugars and was wandering if any other diabetic with FM have similar probs? I would love to hear from others any way. Good luck to all my other FM friends xxx

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  • I have highs and lows and am not diabetic but have been told now to do blood readings. Hope this helps x

  • Thank you for taking the time to answer my question it is very interesting to hear. xxxx

  • Hi

    i'm diabetic and have the same problem the only advice is talk to the diabetic nurse, mine is very helpful

  • As you will see from the posts below my diabetes nurse is not really interested in FM so I am going to ask diabetes specialist next time I go. Thank you for taking time to comment xxx

  • Sorry I cannot help here but I really hope the FM is not causing you problems with the Diabetes xxxxx

  • Thank you for taking the time to message it is much appreciated xx

  • Something is obviously destabilising the diabetes, but i don't know if it's fibro. the diabetic nurse is sure to be able to sort this one out for you!

    Moffy x

  • My diabetes nurse is not really interested with the FB, not like the dr I see with it. So I will raise the problem with my dr specialist. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

  • i have diebetes and fibro i also am having problems with high blood dr is trying new meds i will ask him if it could be down to fibro

  • Thank you for taking the time to answer my question I spoke to the diabetic specialist nurse and she didnt know. So I am going to raise it with my specialist dr at clinic. I will hopefully post what they say xx

  • Hello Barbara,

    Would I be able to ask you a question? Have you had any feelings of a urine infection or bladder discomfort at all?

    As part of my Fibro I have symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis and get recurrent urine infections. I just thought I would mention , however I expect you are having regular urinalysis by your Diabetic Nurse /GP.

    Link to IC for information:


    As you probably know infection will upset the readings of blood sugars.

    I thought it was worth a mention

    Best Wishes


  • 12 months Last October I had a stretching operation of the bladder cos I kept getting recurrent UTIs. But since i had that done i am absolutely fine. but I am very grateful for you to take time in answering my question.

  • No worries at all.... glad you have no problems in this respect anymore. I will be interested in what the Specialist says when you see him.

    Please keep us posted


  • i think you need to speak to your gp or consultant i have both fibro and diabetes and have excellent care perhaps this will help xx

    Fibromyalgia & Diabetes - Global Forum - healKick


    1 post - 1 author

    Source:http://www.fibromyalgiapedia.com/fibromyalgia-and-diabetes/. Fibromyalgia and diabetes occur together nearly four times more often than would be ...

  • I did wonder if there was a link, if they are both auto immune diseases.

    I did love one sentence in particular "The higher a patient’s hemoglobin A1C levels are, a measure of how well blood sugar is being controlled, the more likely that patient is to suffer from fibromyalgia"

    I have been diabetic for 33 years and my HbA1Cs have been good with the usual fluctuations depending on how well you control.

    I have noticed that my blood sugars are erratic over the past while but I have just had a fibro flare

  • Thank you for your attention I will post on here what my Diabetes specialist says thank you again xx

  • just a thought i'm being changed to victoza its an injection for diabetes as my gp thinks it will be better suited to mke coz of the fibro x

  • Out of curiosity are you on gabapentin????

    Re read the patient leaflet the a couple of days ago and can remember the exact wording but it can mess with blood sugars and it says make sure your doctor knows you have diabetes before starting

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