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Very cold legs when sitting

Hi don't know if this has been asked before. but does anyone have problems with feeling the cold on thieir legs. I sit and watch tv or am on the computer and feel warm but when I move to sit on the sopha or go to bed I find even tho I have leggins on my legs are like ice!! and my arms and I havent even noticed. Just if one leg touches the other I feel it. I also dont feel the cold on my body, and even if I have clothes on my body is cold. Yet at other times I think it is cold and my husband says it is actually quite warm !!

I hope this makes sence

Gentle hugs


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yes I have problems with the cold, even when it is

Not cold, some times I have to put a granny blanket

On my knees, even some times in bed I touch

My legs and the are cold, men never seem to feel

The cold


Snap the cold seems to get into my extremities - feet- I have taken to wrapping them in a blanket when I watch TV cause I just dont have any feeling in them having said that when I go to bed they get to hot and I lie with them sticking out of the covers ..hope the cat does not bite them! x gins


Ha ha ha!! Can SO identify with all of the above!! Especially gins last comment about hoping the cat won't bite my toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I have a "granny" rug too. I often need to warm my legs up cos if they get cold like this then I can suffer with a type of cramp - a sort of quite unbidden tensing of the muscles, which is EXTREMELY painful and can last for hours and hours. Once my legs (& arms) start doing this I know I'm in for a bad run pain wise & that the muscles will feel weak and wobbly afterwards.

Hot water bottles & nice warm rugs are essential but then, yes, like you gins all of a sudden they can go from freezing cold when even the cats won't sit on me as the cold comes through the rug or duvet (!!!!!) to my limbs sort of "burning"... that's when I end up sticking my legs & feet out of the duvet!! Can't win!!!!!!!! =-[]


Thanks every one for your answers. It all helps to know why and if its fibro conected lol x x xHope you all have a good day x x x


I have this but i get blue toes,i have raynaulds syndrome,i used to just get cold feet but i do notice i get cold legs,really annoying,i am ok when i am up and about,as soon as soon as i sit down it starts,i have a square leather. effect bean bag,so i put my feet up and it is not as bad.

It is really annoying,i am a granny ,i have a granny blanket and i am only 47,ha ha.sandy


have you had your thyroid checked? my tests kept coming back slightly low " within normal range" [this was over20 years ago] then we had a heatwave - I was sat outside with friends, they dressed for the heat. I wore a cardigan, buttoned up and had a baby blanket over my knees. I was froze but the exposed tops of my feet got badly sunburned!

It was then decided that "slightly low" was in fact significant and I was put on thyroxine and my life improved in so many ways. Other people have messaged similar in early posts.

regards, sandra.


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