Feeling Cold!

Today it is very sunny but while many other people had stripped down to T-shirts, I am still wearing what I would wear in winter! I can tell before I even go out the door whether it's going to be warm or not and it was even colder than I thought. I wonder how people can go around with such thin layers and not even notice!! Does anyone else feel like an eskimo? :-)

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  • Hello Kirby, gentle hugs.

    I'm the same as you - Every time I see anyone walking around in thin, skimpy layers? I just want to put ANOTHER THICK layer on! Am shivering at the thought! Even when the summer comes, whilst others swelter I know I'll be wearing a cardigan or jacket buttoned up to my nose!

    Carol xx

  • Hi Carol! Glad I'm not the only one! It has to be over 75 degrees before I shed the layers and go sleeveless but if it goes over 80 degrees I am then too hot! I can't win! xx

  • I can be freezing and takes forever for me to feel warm.

    Sue x x x x

  • Me too, Sue. xxx

  • I'm sure my hubby thinks I'm a reptile as I'm always cold too, but it's not just feeling cold, it's the ice cold pain that goes with it! Have started to carry a wee water bottle around with me for extra heating top up! Xx

  • Hi Curlysue, a hot water bottle is an essential part of my everyday attire! xx

  • Hi i find i cant wear jumpers and things like that as they make me itch ( i have exzma ) but i have an electric heat pad it is low power , has a timer , a heat setting and i can use it on my neck, upper back , lower back , hips and knees. I would surgest anyone who has fibro should get one they are the only thing that got me throught the winter and you can use them anytime of the year without having to put the heating on. The only drawback is you need to plug them into the wall and cant use it out of the house ( ha bummer ) . Mine cost about £40 but that was about 5 years ago and i got mine in spain . The make is Solac thermo therapy you never know you might get one on the net. They are well worth the money.

  • Thanks Spikey. That's really helpful. As I spend so much time in the house anyway it would be a great supplement. Last winter was a nightmare!

  • Yep...I spent yesterday in a jumper too...couldn't warm up at all, even in that glorious sunshine.

  • It is pretty chilly for May when sun not shining.

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