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Hi all,

My DLA is due to run out next year (2013). In the october. I've heard a lot of people talking about having visits for DLA. Can someone explain to me what exactly happens. I'm not sure if I'm due to have a visit or anything, but I am getting pretty scared. What do they do when they visit you, what do they say ect. Many thanks

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It may be that the visits were home assessments rather than going to an assessment centre. I'm not 100% certain but I think you have to have a letter from your GP or specialist to say that a home visit is more appropriate for you.

As with any Atos assessment, if you can arrange to have a family member or friend in the same room with you then you'll have another person who can corroborate what when on should it come to an appeal.


Take a recorder with you if you have to go to Atos!! be carefull of any questions as they will ask you some questions twice but in the same way!! they will be wathing you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave thats outside the building too i believe? they want to see how you move, get in /out of a car etc. You will be asked to do certain things to see your ability like bending stretching,ask you weather you can hold a pen etc..if you cant do something tell them it's painfull for you to do it. tell them if someone prepares meals etc for you...tell them your in chronic pain if you are and that you have sleeping difficulties and also the affect on your memory .ie: you can forget to turn cooker off /hob and stuff and go out...run bath and forget etc...hope that helps Tracy x


Thank you Tracy. All that happened to me when I had to go and see Atos for my ESA. It was horrible, the worst thing I've ever had to attend. I am exactly like what you said. About the cooker and the bath and stuff. Luckily my husband is my carer so he reads all the responses too. Thank you for responding to my question. Thank you xxx


You can make a request for Atos to provide an audio recording at an assessment at one of their centres but am not sure if they do it for home visits. If provided by Atos then it's admissible at tribunal but if you record it by yourself then you can only use it for note taking as you would not be able to use the recording at a tribunal.


Thank you for your help. I've showed my husband what you said, thank you so much for your help, and responding to my question. xxxx


I've had home visits from doctors before for DLA, the one thing I would say is to make sure that you have someone else there as a witness because they have been known to read out the form get you to sign and then add extra comments to it after they've left (happened to a friend of mine). Having someone there or recording the visit is a good idea.


Thank you Lindy for helping me. I really appreciate all the help I've been given. many thanks xxxx


Hiya, I work for an organisation in the midlands who offer information and advice to disabled people (I don't think I am allowed to put the name on here) but we have had workshops from the local law society. There are to be new assessments starting 2013 and are set to be in the north of the country with new applicants, this will then work down throughout the country and should be in place by 2016. Atos have won the contract for the north and south of the country and Capita have the midlands. These will be a one to one assessment with a "health care professional" much the same as the work capability assessments you have for Employment Support Allowance (ESA). As said above, when you get your appointment, immediately request a recorded interview. This may mean that you get a different appointment, but it is very important as you will get a better assessment. There is a lot of rumours going around and I believe that people will have their amounts cut, but in theory this should only be those who don't need it as much as another disabled person who may get their award increased. However, this is an ideal, but it could mean (probably will) that a lot of genuinely disabled people face even more hardship and stress because of an already proven flawed system of assessment.


Hi Babe,

You gave me some great advice earlier tonight, so allow me to tell you as much as I can anyway how my meeting went the the dla doctor that came out to my house a few weeks ago. (yes I know I heard the outcome really quick, not a really good sign).

Anyway I was coming back from the loo when I spotte a car arriving outside my house or as near as she could park, and I noticed she did'nt get out too quickly from her car, but sat in it for a few mins., she eventually go out and I noticed she had a folder or something pressed close to her as she closed her car door, she was looking around her, and I noticed she was young enough (not very but I was dredding getting my last DLA assessing doctor I got who had long really grey hair, and I remember I could'nt help looking at it occasionally and wondering what on earth!)

So as she made her way to the house I tried to not let her see me peeping, and my daughter let her in.

She was giggling and chatting to my daughter and she was led into the living room where I was sat, I tried to get up to shake her hand (not too strongly), and sat down and she started the interview.

She seemed very polite and nice and seemed to accept my illness, as spoken and answered to and as was apparent. She asked me the staturary questions that they are allowed to ask, and she did'nt ask to see upstairs or anything.

All in all, I really believed she knew and felt I was in a lot of pain and she did'nt help by prodding and poking and doing eye tests. When it was too sore, I refused to do things as in stretch my neck/head too far one way as I have a lot of bother with my throid that I still have to get treatment for (scan, as it came up on barium swallow) plus I cant remember what else but I know there was another test she was trying to do where I protested when she asked me to stretch one way or another or something, I think your forget somethings because it is an ordeal, right? as my american bro says (right)

On her way out she was trying to get me to open the front door for her, going "Oh how does This open", I told her how without trying to help her, as I know that goes on their report "Was able to open outside door", NOT do they think we're flippin stupid, as if I could reach anyway.

Anyway fond regards, I did also try and explain all of my illhealth and how I was unable to do so much etc, do they listen I wonder, or is the dla twisting every bit of info they get about a claiment, take care best wishes Claire xxxxx


Hi Claire,

Thank you so much for responding to my question. I was relieved when I got my DLA after having the first form sent off (without a diagnosis) and then refused. During the time of the first claim going through, they asked me to go for a medical with Atos and ESA, although at the time I wasn't receiving ESA. Anyway I went with my husband and did all the right things. Not stretch and told them I was sore. I went in a wheelchair ( I think). The woman that assessed (I use the term loosely) me was absolutely horrid. I came out of the assessment feeling like the worst mum in the world. I was crying when I left. Now that meeting placed me in the work group although I was far from it and shouldn't of had the test anyway. Then during the appeal of the first form, I had to submit a second form because my meds had been changed and I had a diagnosis. Then during that I found out I had to go to a tribunal. I am so made up with the man that helped me and my husband. Without him, I know I wouldn't of won. That claim was won and backdated and then the second form was passed through no problem. I have to say that the during the claim for ESA, I had to go thorugh another medical and this one was totally different. The lady that did it this time was brilliant. Amazing and I passed the medical. I think it depends half the time who you get. There is an awful lot I can't do and I'm less worried now because I know my husband will be me. I don't answer the door in our house mainly because I can't get up quick enough.

I can't say thank you enough for helping me so much, My husband is great to me and loves me uncondtionally but it is so great just having a friend to talk to who knows exactly what it likes to be me. Thank you lovely lady. Thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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