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I'm so fed up as my appeal for DLA come back yesterday and they have turned me down again. Do I appeal again? If I do I don't know what else to include, I sent mine & my husbands statement, GP letter and they also contacted consultant at hospital. I no I still work but have had to cut down a day and really struggling at the moment financially. How do some people get it. They have almost said its because i'm not severley disabled! There seems to be no allowence at all for the fact that I have given up a day and may have to give up another!! So So fed up!!

Anyway thats my little moan before work!

Hope everyones day goes well.

Sharon xx

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Hi Sharon, that's why I've not sent my (completed) DLA form in, I just don't think I would get it. The woman who filled mine in worked for the alzheimer's society so filled in these forms for a living but I still don't think I'm bad enough to get it. She told me if they keep turning you down, keep on and on applying again. I'm struggling with work too and can't afford to cut back cos like you, I couldn't manage financially. I have no idea what we're supposed to do.

Have a good day too, as much as you can anyway :)

Sue xx


Please remember that DLA is nothing to do with whether you can work or not, it is about your need for personal care and about your mobility. If you can walk ok and look after yourself ie. wash and shower yourself, make your own meals that could be why they have turned you down. Look at the site recommended on here benefitsandwork.co.uk, there is alot of helpful info about claiming DLA on it.

Good luck !!


hi sharon,

you need to imagine your worst day ever without medication and support and any equipment or adaptations, I am not saying exaggerate or lie, but you do need too be completely honest with yourself, you probably have issues that you manage to get on with, you should include these, include everything no matter how small, i guess maybe you already know all this,

hope any of this helps,


ps. i have 2 children with autism and myself with fibromyalgia and aspergers syndrome and so we deal with DLA a lot as all 3 of us receive some DLA support. xSx


Thank you for all your replies, I will try once more as you say i've got nothing to lose.

Its so nice to have some support from other people who know what your going through!

I wish everyone a good day.

sharon xx


From what I gather Sharon everyone is turned down on application unless you have a terminal illness. Please dont be put off by this, I had great support from the local Citizens Advice Bureau and am now in the process of contacting a disability advice centre as they are very used to dealing with form filling and appeals and know all the criteria.

They are hoping people will not appeal as it makes their figues look better but at the end of the day you have to think about yourself so dont let them grind you down!

Good luck x


Hi Sharon,I have just had a claim turned down for a 2nd time,I telephoned and asked for a medical,which they refused,but hey have agreed to review their decision,should this fail then I will go to appeal,if it takes 100 times for me to get DLA then so be it.Just think of this.....FMS is not going away,you are going to be in pain,I cant speak for anyone else,but I seem to get worse every year-tho having a stroke a year ago hasn't helped!!-so FMS is not going away,and neither are you! When I was first diagnosed I had to go for a medical to get incapacity benefit,the Doctor took about 20 minutes to examine me and told me straight away no more work ( i ran my own cleaning business,so I had to give that up )so if one Doctors gives you the decision that you are no longer fit for work,why cant the Disability people take his report i to consideration.Dont give up Sharon cos I'm not,and non of us should.Take care,bless you.xx


Yes keep appealing, dla have been told that fibromyalgia is now a recognised illness. I applied for dla no of yrs ago and thankfully now receive it as I too had to retire from my job. I always believed that dla officers had 2 consider the drs medical, after all they all work together. I have been sent for those medicals every yr for no of yrs but thankfully my last 1 almost 3 yrs ago after 3/4 mins the dr dismissed me and said "ok that's over, we wont call u again. this is making u worse". I do suffer from acute fibromyalgia and spend some of my time in wheelchair although I try my best to avoid this at all costs. I use walking stick to get around and sometimes crutches.

Keep appealing ur Dla and if needs be get someone else to look over ur forms, contact ur local citizens advice, they will have someone who can help. Whatever u do dont give up, ur entitled to that money


Thanks everyone, have sent off the form to the tribunal, just waiting to hear. xx


Hi in same situation, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy twenty years ago after a series of tonic colonic seizures was in a coma for two weeks afterwards and relitives told i might suffer brain damage afterwards so i claimed DLA and was awarded low rate care still had to go to a tribuniral tho cause they didnt want to give me anything was basicaly forced to work full time cause they reckond i was fit for work .

Anyway after a gradual decline of health and eventualy diagnosed with FM by a consultant @ the pain clinic witch peeved my GP a bit! i take enough medication to tranquilize an elephant i find that work is getting more of a chore and FM getting worse i have applied again for DLA (mobility and high rate care) and have been refused and they completely disregard everything i have put on the form i have asked for it to be looked at again ,they refused and now have appealed against it they have strung this out now for 18 months which is blaitently ridiculous ( i think they think i might just get fed up!) if they refuse me again it will have to be a tribuniral again so i am having to work full time 36 hours a week but i have a realy good boss, ironicaly i work with adults with epilepsy and autism/asbergers so i do mostly clerical work not so much hands on anymore and i want to cut my hours to 16 hrs per week becuase i still need something to keep me sain but i find myself being forced into a corner to work long hours suffer longer and sometimes come home in horrific pain yet you get all the blaggers out there who play the system and win so they need a good shake and my heart goes out to you and everyone in the same situation.

just keep at them!!!!


Thanks for your reply markyman!

Ive got the tribunal hearing in May but i'm so tempted to not go as I read on here almost daily about people that seem far worse in the sense that they have other things on top( maybe in a wheelchair) and still being turned down, I don't have anyone apart from my husband to go with me either and not sure who I could ask as I cant afford to pay anyone. What a mess really.

Really struggling this week with work and I've got some test thing on the computer that you have to pass to go on a course at work. I find it so embarrassing when the brain fog is bad and I cant remember the simplest of things. I just wish they could have it for a day to just experience what its like!

I would like to cut down another day but money is so tight and not sure if I would be able to stay where i am if idid that,

I do hope you get yours sorted to Can you do most things on the form? I can even though I do suffer with pain I can still do them and this is what they peonalise you for. (can't spell that!)

Any way good luck to you, take care



I have my DLA appeal in the morning, my nerves are setting in now been waiting for this for 9months any advice please.


I hope it goes well for you. I think to be honest its up to who you see!

I felt as soon as i walked in the room it was not going to go my way, the dr I had was horrible and I could feel his eyes on me the whole time. Try and remain positive as this dr really put me on edge, which I don't think helped!

But apart from that no, I get the feeling its luck of the draw!! Sorry if this is not very positive but its still worth doing beacause every now and again you hear of somebody getting it.

Wish you lots of luck and let me no how you got on!

Sharon xx



I was awarded low rate mobility on the basis that I cannot walk in unfamiliar places due to anxiety and depression. They mad the decision literally within 3 days of getting my form - which sounds good, but only proved they hadn't read it. They totally ignored the fibro even though that was the main basis for my application. I sent them copies of the consultants diagnosis together with the care plan that my Dr had put in place.I wrote challenging the decision as I cannot walk at all now without being in severe pain and I cannot prepare meals etc because of the numbness in my hands etc. Now they are sending someone to do a medical at home, and have requested a Drs full report. I get the feeling because I challenged them they are going all out to make things as difficult as they can. But I will keep on challenging them - and so should everyone else.


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