Confused ESA DLA

My condition and symptoms have got a lot worse this year, meaning I need more care. I have also been told on top of Fibro./Arthritis. that I have Chronic Kidney disease. I put in my claim back in March/April time.

I was placed in the back to work group on ESA back in February this year. I asked for that to be looked at again.

3 weeks ago I got a letter from DLA saying they cant give me a decision as they are waiting on my doctor to contact them.

Anyway, I get a brown envelope this morning, shaking as I opened it. It said due to a change in my circumstances, they owe me £175 underpayment from April to now.

At the back it says in the support group I get extra money, but I havent had a letter saying I am in the support group! I am confused.

DO you think the change in circumstances could be my DLA Is sorted?

Omg! I do hope so, I really need some good news. Been so long, its all been bad news.........

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  • oh I hope so!



  • That could well be the only confirmation you get! Well done at getting the change - that is the main thing :-)

    Julie xx

  • Thank you so much. You will never know how much I need this good news. xxx

  • Hi, support group usually means ESA part and that usually goes for you in DLA. Part too, so fingers crossed for you x

  • Last year I appealed against my ESA being put in the Working Group. I also didn't hear anything until I rang up and they told me I was in the Support Group. I had won my appeal but I never got any notification that I had so let's hope this is indeed good news for you and once again they have not completed the job in full. :)

  • Hi Nanatre

    I hope it does for you. It just so awful, depressing & stressful having to fight for what we need to help us live or in some cases I should say exist.



  • I had the DLA doctor come to my house last week. He didn't ask for any proof of who I was. He sat there just asking questions and I answered them as best I could....I was in so much pain and felt that I could've honestly just said I'm going to bed as I feel like hell, but I didn't. He asked if he could gently feel my back and I said if its too painful please stop...he did this and when I told him to stop, he did. He looked at the aids I had which were in the bathroom and toilet. My husband took him upstairs, I stayed where I was. He took my blood pressure. I told him that I had a whining in my ear, and he said that it was probably Tinnitus! He wrote this down on the form that he had. He was very thorough and then said he had all the information he needed and that I would hear within the next few days.

    Wish me luck...

  • good luck freya!



  • Good luck . Sithy

  • Thank you for your "lucks". X


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