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So relieved!

I went to the hospital today to see the rheumatologist, I was dreading going. I went in 2000, and basically told the main reason I was bad was because I'm overweight. I was well armed this time, I've lost about 2 stone in the last year, and now I would stand up for myself, and say I don't need to come her to find that out, I already know.

But to my relief I saw a lovely Dr! I've had arthritis for years, and fibro for probably 20 years ish. I saw my GP in April for a flare up in my ring finger, so bad I'd had to remove my wedding ring, I then had it sized up 2 sizes, and I still cannot get it past my last joint! Plus the base of my thumb, and little finger on right hand are both bad now as well. He listened to what I had to say, asked me lots of questions, I said about fibro as well, he asked how I sleep, (last time this came up was at the Pain clinic, then I was basically told my sleep problems, and pain were because I am a widow, and depressed, I did ask how come I was in pain before my husband died?

I had a thorough examination, he's putting me onto some different medication, had blood tests including for vitamin D, referred me to hydro-therapy, a 6 week course in the hydro pool, teaching relaxation, Tai Chi, (no idea of the benefits of that), and also to have a scan of my hands and wrist's to try to ascertain the reason for the inflammation there. Don't think it was a bad out come was it? He was going to give me info on fibro, but I think I can probably give him some, lol. Such a relief to get a Dr I could talk to, and I was ill yesterday with the worry of going.

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Well done. I am so pleased that you were treated with the kindness, respect and understanding that anyone suffering with this horrid illness deserves. I am sure that the treatments they are offering you will be helpful, especially the hydrotherapy. My own visit to a rheumatologist yesterday ended in tears as I was unfortunately examined by someone who clearly knew very little about Fibro. It is comforting to know that it doesn't happen to everyone!

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Jane x


Jane, did you know the pool in Bollington is like a bath and brilliant for a gentle swim?


No I didn't, so thanks for the tip! x


The viist sounds like it went well. Hydro is lovely and I really enjoyed it. Sadly our local pool isnt nic and warm like the hospital hydro pool so havent really done much about the excercises I was given.

The best thing is be open to all ideas and suggestions as there is lots you can do to help your condition. I am seeing a physio now and she is helping me get back into the gym at a very slow pace and is a great help with the questions I have.

This site is so good too and its nice when you have time to read what is going on. Good luck :)



Tai chi really can be of benefit . The exercise is slow and calm and can help with balance problems . you will learn to control your breathing too and I find this really helps me to calm down and also gets you through the pain sometimes . I have asthma and the breathing has really made a difference to me . It's worth a try.


So pleased it all went well for you!

Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Swimming are all renowned as being good gentle exercise for people with Fibromyalgia. If you are in any doubt at all before starting any of these activities, please check first with your GP. :)


I can't do swimming, our local pools don't heat them enough, my only hope I've been told is to go to the mother and baby group, and at 55 I think I'd feel a bit out of it there, lol. The hydro pool is for 6 weeks, so I will make the best of it, but not sure where it will take me after that. It's a shame because though not a good swimmer I used to enjoy it, and we have a pool less than a mile away, I'd be there all the time, but I'm afraid the last time I did swim my back was horrendously painful afterwards.


You are lucky stormlady, I went to a rheumy in feb who told me firstly I'd 18 points of fibro and secondly he was sending a report to my doctor the next week and he told me about all the meds he was going to suggest to my doctor that he was to give me. I'm still waiting and his secretary (in the royal in Belfast) is a cow that keeps promising me appointments (that have been cancelled due to hollidays) and then denies that she ever said that, what a dissapointment, anyway very happy for you take care xxx


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