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So tired but cant sleep x Had op today too!!


Well I had my Op today and due to my size I was told I could not have,and did not need sedation! Even tho the surgeon I saw last month said I would be sedated and it would not be anymore painful than last months procedure......Oh they lied.....

We went over to the hospital at 1oclock as parking is bad 50min drive and appointment at 2:30 Nothing to drink from 10 oclock last night and no food from midday.....eventually saw me at 3:30 and as it was so painful they gave me gas and air.....

This bloomin problem only started because I am taking 4 tablets that all give you constipation. and for 3 months I have been so ill. Now I cant sleep for the pain and they said don't take your pain killers till the Dr gives you new ones ......The good thing to come out of this is they never found anything nasty in my colon Thank goodness......Got to see Surgeon about my knee's and hip replacements on Wednesday ......The Saga goes on :-)

Well friends I have to try to lay down and sleep,my fibro has kicked in big style I feel like someone beat me up..........Layed in an awkward position for over an hr in agony did not help,I could not take my meds as they said I would be having some in theatre!!

Anyway Gentle hugs to you all hope you have a painfree day x x <3

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Morning You , What a torrid session you had but at least your colon is ok! So on to the next we are rather like long shopping lists hope you get your knees and hips sorted take care hugs to you xgin


Oh dear i had a lumber puncture a few years ago he went in 5 times and i kept gettin nerve pain or numbness etc no local and left me bleeding like a pin cushion the fluid was contaminated with blood but i have refused to have another too painful Damn doctors think we are guinea pigs for trainees


Oh dear that sounds horrid for you, I can only echo Gins words here at least nothing was found so when you do get your meds and are feeling more comfortable at least that is one thing off your mind and one less worry

Hooe you feel more comfortable soon

VG x

Do you find that your fibro flares up after the starving and purging? I have had three gastro investigations in 9 months and every time, my body goes in to melt down afterwards.

Hi well I had to have special liquid diet sat;and sun;and take two sachet's of horrible med's and as I cannot walk it was very hard getting to the loo . Today I am exhausted and my fibro is raging...doesn't help that I also have low platelets and CVFS as well,and very swollen with water retention :-) Cant take meds as they are making me ill.

Did not think my fibro could get worse ...that's a joke!!

Gentle hugs <3

RD x

Oooo sounds like you've been through the wars - bless ya. Im glad that nothing dinisyer was found and hopefully your procedure will help relive the problem. Like gins says unwards and upwards to the next problem on the list :-)

Take care rest snd may your recuperation be speedy and your pain levels manageable

Dixie x

^ sinister ^ relieve

Thanks everyone feel I have a mountain to climb and every time I get to level one I drop back down to the bottom again !! ( No pun ment there lol :-) )

Thankyou all for your support it means a lot to know you are out there.

I did get to sleep eventually but not till 7:30 this morning....prob be back in bed after tea x x x

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( hugs to all )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) very gentle ones .....x

Rainbow xx

Hi I really feel for you. I had to have a gastroscopy and colonoscopy on the same day. The colonoscopy was painful and I was lucky enough to have sedation. Well I hope you get your hips and knees sorted out as soon as possible. Xx

Thanks, I have also not been able to lift my left leg for months and still had no physio. What with that and all other problems,got to see about my knee's with another surgeon tomorrow! They said I am not well enough at the moment! said that last year too :-(

Take care gentle hugs RD xx

You've definitely been through the wringer. I really hope your well enough to have your op some time this year. Gentle hugs back. X

Thanks very much I am prob going to have cortazone injections tomorrow in both knees and my hips !! Ouch!! :-(

((((((((((((((((((((((((((( gentle fluffy hugs )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Well hopefully it'll give some relief. Take care. Gentle hugs. Becky xx

Thanks Becky take care x

Rainbow x x x

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