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Never been so annoyed😡


Went to the doctors last week and they said they wouldn't give me any pain medication until I seen the rheumatologist (I was on naproxen, it didn't work so we stopped it) but they upped my amitriptyline so I could sleep, so Had my rheumatologist appointment last Thursday and got told that I do have fibromyalgia as the doctor taught, went back today to tell them and was met by a doctor I've never met before, he went on to say that the amitriptyline that I'm on will take a while and that I should just take that, so I asked if he would give me anything for the pain because I'm not taking the amitriptyline for pain just to help me sleep, he turned round and gave me 2 websites to go on to have a read so I have knowledge about it! And basically said it's in my head and I have to change my mind set and that this happens to loads of women and mostly women, I walked out holding back every emotion I have and then just broke, my mum just phoned them back and they said I have to wait until Monday or call 111 for an out of hours doctor 😡 f###ed off is an understatement (feel free to get rid of that bit for bad language)

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That’s absurd! What an utter bleeding joke. I would see a different doctor they cannot deny you pain relief

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Im going back on Monday to see a doctor I know x


That’s good good luck

T he rheumatologist should have told your doctor which pain killer you should be on and then write to your doctor and ask them to prescribe this to you when you met rheumatologist. I to used to be on naproxen but was taken off it due to kidney damage it causes on long term use

Sorry to hear that! I would put in a complaint to the surgery too because that is wrong of that doctor they are they to look after our health when needed and we shouldn’t be made to feel like that by anyone!

I had a consultation a few years back for issues with ovaries and she told me more or less the same thing! I was fuming! 20plus years of pains for some woman to say it’s in my head! I put in a complaint at the hospital and got seen by the head consultant and he apologised and said she had no right to say that to me!

If you can put in a complaint because if that doctor said that to you who else has he said it too?

Hugs x

I know how you feeling, and understand your frustrations. I've also got Fibromyalgia as well as Arthritis. I've had it said to me quiet a few times from drs and specialist that it all in my head.Of course we know it is not, as we in lots of pain. I just ignore them now if they preach to me about fibro being all in the mind.

I was prescribed Amitriptiylyn too. I only took them for 3 weeks, they made me very dizzy, I fell a few times, as my balance was all over the place. They should help we pain , sleep, plus they are a antidepressant.

They help some people am sure, hope they help you. Am very sensitive to medication. And these tablets did not agree we me. I wish you all the very best.Xx

Your GP sounds like a misogynistic dinosaur, you have been diagnosed with a very debilitating condition by an expert. Complain to the practice manager you should not be left to suffer in this way xx

Hey ask your doctor to refer you to pain management team in hospital as i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in2011 and pain was on another level gp tried several medications nothing help so i end up in pain management clinic and they prescribed morphine which i have to take every 12 hour and u can top it up with other pain killer if you want but do ask your gp to refer u

You should ask to speak to the practice manager and inform them of the way you have been treated and you are considering making a formal complaint to the medical board regarding the incompetence of the GP you seen. As he needs further medical training as he does not recognize a diagnosed illness. The rheumatologist should also write to your GO and you can ask to have a copy of their letter. Good luck and try not to stress it will only cause a flare up.


I’m so sorry this has happened to you you need to go back to the Drs and see a different dr. There are a lot of Drs, sadly, that think fibromyalgia is all in our heads 🤬 that’s absolutely rubbish. Find a dr that doesn’t feel that way and they will give you the right medication. Sending gentle hugs 🤗

I'm sorry to hear about the disgusting treatment you have received. This has made my blood boil!

I suggest never seeing this ignorant GP again.

I honestly think that most of them deep down believe that fibro is all in the mind, most are never as rude or outright as your last GP though.

My GP is lovely and understanding and yet I still keep on getting SSRI antidepressants thrown at me. Whilst I do think they help with my low mood from constantly being in pain, the GPs always seem to think that they are what's going to fix the pain which suggests to me that they think it's in my mind. Very frustrating! 🙄

Sending hugs xx

That’s terrible hun, I’d make a complaint about this doctor!! Hope you get some pain relief soon, sending hugs 🤗🤗🤗🌺💐🥀🦋NanaT

Thank you everyone, I'm definitely going to complain, sending hugs to you all 🤗🤗🤗

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That’s awful,!!! What a bigoted doctor, i take zapain at the moment which works for me , I hope you get sorted on Monday x

Try CBD OIL it's amazing

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I've tried that and it didn't work

Or threaten to report to CQC

hi inola i feel your pain i have fibromyalgia and Arthritis i originally went to my doctor with back pain i was told it was muscle weakness over time i developed all over body weakness and severe tiredness and headaches it was hard to make my doctor believe me it was 20 years ago and little was know about fibro as a physical illness more of a mental illness yes its true some doctors are opinionated about fibro as it still is a undetectable illness its your word against your doctor i had a hell of the a fight to get any sort of medication i was sent to pain management given things like dolphin music and breathing exercises and the best avoid any stress well you guessed it didnt work i went back and back and back to my doctor in the end i changed my doctor 4 times in the end i found one that believed me im now on morphine,gabapentin,amitriptyline and duloxetine and other meds for other illness ive pickup along the way for me its still a ongoing battle with the illness but it helps if you have the right doctor in your corner my advice is to not take no for a answer fight for everything and change your doctor as the last resort best of luck

I am so sorry that you were treated so badly. Please know your fibromyalgia pain is real. The pain can almost drive you to think you are losing your mind. I am on a regiment of Lyrica and cymbolta. The two together make my pain bearable . the pain and fibro fog are awful. I will be praying for you!

You need to complain to the practice manager change your go if possible depending where you live that's not always easy . I'm a work injured nurse back injury developed arthritis everywhere went to my old Gp who had treated me with my back injury and bladder problems for years with kindness and support . Then I read about fibro told him I think this is what's wrong he told me it does not exist it's made up illness told me go home and stop exploring the internet I have arthritis and slipped discs live with it . That was six or seven years ago i had to move due to divorce but my new gp has been generally good was treating me for polymyalga a few months after a visit to rheumatologist I was diagnosed with fibro . Listening to everyone on this site it seems there's a bit and miss attitude towards patients who are diagnosed with fibro even my youngest whose a qualified nurse in a busy hospital has said it's controversial he was speaking to the registrar on his unit seeking advice for me . My ruematoligist said it's lack of funding with the NHS while USA throws money at research I can understand but it's hard when we are suffering and people dismiss us as hypochondriacs at one point I was sucidal with the pain and depression . Hugs to you and hope you can get a new gp who does understand . Xxxx

Ok so just a little update, I went back to see a different doctor and she turned around and said there's nothing she can do for me I just have to wait and see the fibromyalgia clinic, I know full well that there is more I can try so I'm going back a 3rd time to see the doctor that told me to wait and see what the rheumatologist said, hopefully we get somewhere today, I'm slowly losing my mind! On a brighter note my amitriptyline is helping me sleep more than 3 hours I actually slept for 5 hours last night but I did wake up with what felt like a hangover and floored me this morning but I'm OK now just need to sort the pain

its like climbing a mountain you have support from family and friends you train you make sacrifices you meet disbelief and prejudice you fight because it something real you never give up in the belief you can reach the top of the mountain you make the disbelievers believe you and so reach the top of the mountain and claim that prize

sorry it was just something that came into my head lol

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