Oh my days is that really the time , no it can't be but the clock doesn't lie :-) .As most of you will know by now me and sleep aint friends . And most nights im on line because im wide awake . Well not last night im not gonna say I woke up feeling great , especially as im tired again already but my body must of needed it . And also having shingles and the chest infection has probably added to my need for sleep. Well last night my body got what it asked for nearly EIGHT HOURS SLEEP . I must of dropped off at about half 11 ish but look at what time I woke up it may only be a one off but here's hoping its maybe the start of things to come :-) . And to all my fibro friends out there a pain free day is being wished your way ♡♥♡ :-) :-) xxxxx Sorry the pic is on its side .

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  • A miracle !!!!!! sleep !!!! well done ! 😊

  • Thanks neesey1005 I hope it not just a one off ... Wishing a pain free day your way ♡ :-) xx

  • It's great when that happens 🐸

  • O that don't sound good no SlEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP why don't you try to get some sleeping pills that's what I done From the doctor xxxxx <*I*>

  • Sooooooo happy for you, long may it continue‼️👍😜🤗😀

  • As they say miracles happen. The night before last I had 4 hours straight and that is a miracle for me. I so hope for you that this is a new beginning. I sometimes think our bodies can actually forget how to sleep and somehow need reducating. It is probably a combination of the virus and your lack of sleep but whatever it is that caused you to sleep through is marvellous. Do hope you carry on like that.x

  • I am genuinely delighted for you and I sincerely hope that you can manage another 8 hours tonight my friend x :)

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