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I have just been down to my local Asda on the cake run lol and guess what they had ???????

Yes a carrot cake mmmmmm

It is the especially for you range and it is absolutely lush i have just eaten some and so i can highly recommend it but it should say on the box "Especially For Diddle "

So i suggest you all nip down to asda and grab one

love to you all diddle x

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Oh Diddle what are you like!!!

Perhaps you should change your name to Cake Conneisuer !!!!

Enjoy is what I say!!!

A liitle bit of what you fancy does you good!!!!

Soft hugs, x x x Sue


yeah a little not a whole lol xx love diddle x


lol i love the coffee cake in that range mmmmmmmm but staying off the cake for a bit as i need to lose some weight :( but me thinks i will have to try this carrot one lol :) xx

gentle (((hugs)))

xx amanda xx


newsflash................. theres a shortage of carrot cake, in the UK diddles eaten it all[lol]


oh Diddle you do make me laugh! xxxx :) :)


Sounds lovely!. Carrot cake should be good for the diet Amanda cos its got carrot in it lol.

I'm on the lemon or chocolate rolls at the moment from Morrisons. Eaten half a chocolate cake today and I'm trying so hard not to eat the other half. :( xx


Do you think Carrot cake can be part of your 5 a day????! X


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