Big fat no!

Got my ESA appeal decision today following hearing on Weds, lost my appeal as they reckon they couldn't award enough points to overrule DWP decision. Got to give written request to get a statement of reasons which could take at least 4-6 weeks. Only option now is to reapply as I can't live on sweet fa. What the hell may as well try DLA too, nothing more to lose. Was counting on the backdated money to pay off my car expenses (insurance etc) on my credit card as the assessment rate didn't cover them. I hate owing money, so together with the fact I now have no money coming in I feel really down. Good job I have a few good friends and family or life would not be worth living right now, but I guess that's what the government want, us all to just disappear so they don't have the problem xx

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  • Do you have a local CREDIT UNION? I would suggest you contact them about this - how on earth do they expect you to live without money?

  • Thanks for the suggestion but luckily I got paid today so ok for a couple of weeks. Completing ESA application form again today and technically they start paying assessment phase 11 days after receipt so hopefully that will come through before my next payment would have been made but was relying on backdated payments to clear my credit card xx

  • It's a bummer, did you see on the news today that a woman who was denied dla (I think, but got it for the last two months), died, arent they a flippin pain xxx

  • You may be able to get Tennancy Support. They are employed by the council and are a great help in sorting any debts. There is a waiting list but you could be lucky. They have just done all the fighting for me with rent arrears that I should not have and so many other issues after moving home. Now it is all sorted. I could not keep my head around it all. Best of luck xx

  • Luckily own my property outright (divorce settlement) but needs some little jobs doing which backpay would have sorted too x

  • That is OK I owned my own property too. They are set up to help anyone. They went through benefits, applications and everything with me. I would have never sorted it all out as I kept becoming overwhelmed by it all. Worth a try. Theway the lady I have has put my mind at ease and copied, posted and dealt with so mach has been a God send. Someone to physically be here weekly and ask has been great. She even searched for a local doctors and quized them about supporting Fibro for me ha. Best of luck xx

  • She sounds lovely, i have had a lady helping from citizens advice but she cannot attend tribunals as they are held in another town and they dont have the time or resources to get there. It is alleged that 70% of tribunals are won with cab backing, however i read something in the last few days which said a lot of the doctors attending the tribunals are also carrying out the assessments. Not sure how true that is but the dr at my earlier one gave me the distinct impression he was on my side but the one this time round just seemed to be the opposite. Waiting for call back from cab to see if there is anything i can do

  • Best of luck to you.

    I know I will have to go through it all next year and am already dreading it.

    I don't think the doctors on the board are allowed to be assessors too as there would def be a conflict. But hey I'm just thinking what would be just and impartial!

    My poor brother at 56 is waiting for his appeal. He won the last one a year back then they put him straight back to be assessed again. He has some form of dementia the past 4 years or more, another story)(been trying to get him properly assessed for and a colapsed spine, has no idea what is going on from one day to the next and I live too far away for any of the doctors, Social Services to take notice of any more.

    Going to make sure I have Tennancy Support when my assessment comes as they will be in my home to witness. Not meeting anyone without a witness after my Social worker caused lots of trouble last year, luckily I had a witness to her lying on 2 occations or my help here would have stopped.

    If CA cannot help try TS, you have nothing to loose and they will go to tribunals etc with you xx

  • Hi Lynn

    Have you got the Benefits & Work Guides? If not, email and I'll send them out.

    Best wishes


  • Will do lindsey. I have got some but dont think i have the one for completing esa50 , eill check and email you if i havent, thanks xx

  • Sorry to learn you've been turned down, these DWP people have no idea do they?

    Julie xx

  • Sorry to hear about your fruitless efforts.

    I've had no income for four years. My Hubby has had to keep me on his retirement job wage. I applied for Incapacity at the beginning (which, in fact wasn't the beginning but well into my growing illness) and was turned down flat. Didn't know anyone on benefits so had no help as to who./where to go so didn't re-apply. Someone I met said about DLA but according to the form you have to pe practically dead to qualify.

    After working all my life I can get nothing from anywhere and my GP 'doesn't believe in' fibro, so I can get no help from him. At least I'll get my old age pension in three years...if I live that long.


  • Its crazy isnt it, ive only been entitled to claim since moving out from the house i shared with my ex. You should at least try for dla as it is not means tested and there are quite a few on here who get it. Even if you only get lower rate every little helps xx

  • Change your gp too if you can xx

  • Citizens advice bureaumhave been very helpful for my grandson. He has ME and guess what? Yep! He failed to score any points on the ESA form. We are appealing, but after all your stories I don't hold out much hope. but according to CAB. DLA is there to help so if you cannot prepare a simple meal from scratch, then you should be eligible for at least the lower rate.

  • Oh no, not another one.I am so sorry to hear that. I have just been in exactly the same position recently. Transferred from IB/Inc support to ESA (been on it sinse 2005).Failed medical with only 6 points. Appealed, got 6 more points but still 3 short of the 15 needed. So failed again. ESA stopped that day and they told me to go and sign on for jobseekers. I had no choice, as you said, couldnt live on sweet fa. But I went to hell and back with them, physically and mentally, I was treated like the scum of the earth and reduced to a jibbering wreck, till my Doc gave me a sicknote for 2 months. Then my JSA was stopped too. Oh Joy!! I now HAD sweet fa. I didnt know where the hell to turn, then thought "sod it,I'll reapply for ESA". I did that on 14th Aug and got a letter today saying Im getting ESA from 15th Aug. WOOOOHOOOO, success. I am not (or wasnt) sick enough to get ESA, but too sick for JSA.I didnt slot into any of the stupid new rules catagories. But UP YOURS DAVID bloody CAMERON, I still have my benefits. I have to go through all the stupid medical and work interviews again, but this time I'll be more prepared. I wont hold back. We have to stand up and fight this (some, not literally of course).Its cruel, nasty, mean and downright heartless. How dare the government treat us in this way. What a cowardly attack on the most vulnerable people. How about they stop benefits of the young, obviously lazy ones who "cant be asked to work" and young,often under age, mothers who didnt NEED to have that baby. they are physically capable of getting a job.We have enough to cope with and worry about, without all this CRAP. So, stand up for your rights Lynn, and everyone else. I wish you lotsa luck in getting what youre entitled to.xx

  • Thank you, i wont give up although sometimes you want to. They just don' t seem to realise that the more of this we go through the worse our health gets. Of course this all works in there favour cos the longer you are on assessment rate the less they have to pay you. So if they keep failing you so you have to start again they are quids in x

  • Sorry tto hear your having a predictably tough time, dont let the b******s grind you further down. We are all in similar boat and we wont go away. They will have to deal with us.

    Warm thoughts and hoping you find a smile sometime soon :) NN

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