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What to do now after an appeal allowed


I was on esa but taken off quite bluntly when I failed my 13 week assessment. I was put back on jsa. I also got turned down for my manatory decision so I appealed. I just had my appeal and it was allowed. I am entitled to esa with work related component The thing is what do I do now I don't understand what is it that is back dated. I got my first sick note in march 2016 for fibro after being diagnosed after years of trying to get through to my doctor something was wrong with me. I hope you can understand this cos I not too good on explaining things

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Hi, don't do anything. Just wait for DWP to contact you.

Hi congratulations on winning your appeal. I've just recently won an appeal for PIP on Friday the 23rd June & the DWP rang me by the Tuesday to say they had received my appeal result & were processing it that day & said I would receive a letter shortly after detailing back pay & future payments etc. Sure enough it arrived yesterday. Try not to worry you've got through the hard part, hopefully they will be in touch soon xxx

Cazbaw61 in reply to Liltas1972

I don't understand though,what will be backdated?

Liltas1972 in reply to Cazbaw61

Mine was backdated to when I first applied by phone to the DWP for PIP. My ESA was also backdated to week 13 when you are meant to be out of the assessment phase, as I waited 40 weeks for my face to face interview but I wasn't ever on ESA or any other benefits prior to that. Somebody with more knowledge might be able to advise you when yours wood be backdated to xx

Sorry I really confused and I may sound a bit thick but I don't understand. I am on jsa as they took me off esa but the amounts was basically the same as each other. So what is the back payment of? Do I get something on top of the normal £73 esa payment?

Mdaisy in reply to Cazbaw61

As far as I know, the ESA award will be reinstated in full and any arrears will be paid. Any JSA paid during the period will be subtracted from the ESA payments.

Hope this helps ;)

Glad to here its sorted hope you get what your owed soon.

Sorry dont know much about benefit side.

Good luck my friend

Hi Cazbaw61

I have pasted you a link below to the CAB cache on this issue. It may prove beneficial to ring them and ask what you will be getting and when it will be paid:


I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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