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I'm off for my ESA tribunal today at lunch time ! feel I've lost before I even go ! not a good feeling .... Not sure whats gonna happen but no good fretting about it but can't help it if I lose this I will have to cancel my appeal for ESA work group appeal as it is they have stopped my money as from 5th july how I'am spose to live with no income I ask myself !!! It's all so wrong. wish me luck

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GOOD LUCK lossy,

been there done that so know what you're going through. Try to be confident and when you answer questions don't hold back, tell them the full unedited answers on your worst days.

you're the one best qualified to tell them about YOU so get it across as best you can, once you get going you'll be on a roll because you know what you're talking about.... YOU, and how your illness affects you.

you've got the right attitude, no point fretting what will be will be.

Good luck and keep us posted

Take care



You should still be getting some money now you have both appeals coming up.

Im same boat but getting some money.

Let me,no how you get on.

Its hard not to worry.wishing,you heaps of luck xx


Hi Lossy,

Good luck, you tell them exactly how you feel.

Please post and let me know how you get on.

Gentle Hugs

Bonnie Lass


good luck, hope all goes well for you, big hugs, let us know how you get on,

lesley xx


Good luck let us know how you get on ,i have mine in 2 week dreading it.


Hello Lesley,

Can't believe I won went from NIL points to 18 and put in work related group !!! was upset all the way through but held me own .. so glad thats over, now I will get my benefit back. good luck with yours please let me know how it goes, Where do you come from ?


I am from skemersdale, well done ,I had 0 points so see how I get on in two weeks.


Hi just wondered how you got on with your tribunal last month ? kept meaning to message you but you know what it's like time just goes by.


well done lossy, i am glad you won x


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