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I put in a claim for DLA in may this year my GP said she would back me as sh is very good like that , i had the man from DIAL come round and fill in the forms then they sent them in for me my GP was asked to write a leter which she did and today they have turned me down and to be honest i was not surprise at all so i am not disapointed and i wont be appeling as the man from DIAL said if your GP has written you a letter to back you and you are reused i would advise you not to appeal but leave it for a year or eighteen months or unless you get significantly worse then re apply . so i will leave it and see how i go i wish anyone else ll the luck if they are going for it but as i said i was not surprised i was turned down love to you all diddle xx

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Im so sorry Diddle they seem to refuse everyone now thats why Im gathering my ammo first

1 letter from social services detailing in minute detail what I cant do washing brushing hair etc

2 letter from mp

3 letter from barnados saying how much Olivia has to help me

4 blue badge

5 care plan again minute detail

6 daily diary

7 letters from gp and hospitals

8 letter from continance nurse

oh and the list goes on


Hi Lally

You seem to be very organised and prepared. Can I just say one thing about your diary. Read it over thoroughly before you send it in. I did a diary for a year before I applied they initially refused me, then I appealed and they gave me lower rate care. I then appealed again as I thought I deserved more as my hubby and mum (my earth angels) had to do so much for me. That was October 2010, I just had my tribunal a couple of weeks ago. The woman from the DWP ripped me apart, and my diary too. She was so aggressive that she completely threw me. I tried my very best to answer all their questions (which was like an interrogation) but I can't remember what I did yesterday let alone 20 months ago!!! I lost my appeal. She picked out one entry where I said I went around Tesco using a trolley for support and then a couple of months later I had to park 3 roads away from the hospital and it took me 25 minutes to walk there with my crutches, (DWP woman Q: why hadn't I used my wheelchair? ME A: My physio had told me to walk short distances so I could keep the strength up in my legs - and I have never had to park that far from the hospital before and didn't have my chair in the car) stopping loads of times and sitting on walls etc. Then a month or so later using my wheelchair as I had got worse and was having a particularly bad day.They basically called me a liar (not in so many words). So yes I lost. It was only on the way home that I remembered I had specifically put that I am in no way saying I cannot walk, but find it very difficult, painful and exhausting. So I could have argued that but because I was so taken aback by her aggression and constant questions, I couldn't think properly. Too late now, I can't appeal again. TBH if I had that conversation with her in the street I would have told her where to go (not very politely) but obviously couldn't in front of the judge etc. Even my welfare rights advisor was furious about how it went. He said he has never, in all the years he has been advising, been in such a situation. The thing that peed me off was that the DWP woman seemed VERY at home at the place. She was chatting away to the court clerk like they were buddies, she went off and made her own coffee in a mug, not using the pay machine and I heard the security guard ask the clerk who she was (as he had only been working there a couple of weeks) and was told she was from the DWP, but she hadn't signed in. It all seemed a bit too cozy for my liking.

Anyway rant over, all I wanted to say was read carefully what you have written and make sure it doesn't seem like you are contradicting yourself as they WILL pull you up on it.

Good luck

JT x


sorry diddle , it didnt take tem long its usually 3 or 4 months before you hear anything x


hello diddle I am so sorry to hear that it is so annoying when people that should have it and suffer with so much pain are turned down hope you feel better soon take care and gentle hugs love beth x


i am going to enjoy my lower rates looks like it will be something else they will take, sorry diddle chin up ...


Hi Diddle, the exact same thing has happened to me, saw GP today, who was livid. I went to the CAB and they wrote a letter for my appeal, You must appeal now, my GP reckins they do this on purpose so that many people do not appeal. You must get the Dial and maybe welfare officer help you appeal now. If you wait, you will be assessed under the new PIP which comes into force 2013. Check out either the fibro action main site for more details or benifitsandwork.co.uk if you sign up, which is free they will send you details of how to and what to say. You can if you wish pay a subscription and get the whole lot. I have no subscribed but still got enough information to help with my appeal.DO NOT LET THEM BULLY YOU INTO SUBMISSION xxx gentle hugs


you must appeal. you must keep going and not give up. x


do not give up diddle it is what the want you to do forget dial use cab or a social worker even a switched on friend to help with forms i did my own filling in and answered everything as it was for my very very worst day and

i kept copies i attached doc lettters etc and copy of blue badge and i was sucessful. dont give up petal


Diddle plz appeal. They sent someone from Atos to me. She said if you dont get it, apply again in 2 yrs. So got turned down. Asked them to rethink, turned down. Had appeal 2 wks ago and won. They hope people give up. You must appeal hun. Took 10 months in all. Get fighting & eat cake. Hug n love to you. Helen xxx


I was taught that it is kind of their system to get rid of those who don't have real disabilities. because ours is difficult to prove as such, if we weren't genuinely disabled we wouldn't appeal, so I'd advise appealing! mine wasn't successful but that's because they believed as i was managing my degree (even though I get support workers, extra time blah blah blah) that i am obviously fine. but you aren't working and you deserve the money, more so than a lot of people who get it!


sorry diddle go on and appeal surely they must get something right sooner or later.

oh and ive just cut you a slice of cake there you go lol

Lin x


Sorry to hear that you were not successful in your DLA claim hun ;-(

You can appeal ?? you have nothink to loose .........

Love and gentle hugs jackie xxxx


Hi Diddle, sorry to hear your news with reguard to DLA. Please rethink your decision and appeal via CAB or welfare rights etc, like everyone say's that is what they want, that way they win. We are not going to let them treat us like we are Liars, Scrounger's or Malingerers when we are genuinly ill and in pain all day and every day, with very little respite. xx soft hugs edna


hiya diddle im sorry that you got refused ,sending you lots of hugs xxx


Check your letter - in the part where they give the reasons you may find that they may not have even read your GPs letter! I know that they didn't use my GPs report to make their decision on mine and I got it on reconsideration after they finally got their finger out and read it!

You will only get a reconsideration on appeal - you have to appeal and I am surprised that DIAL said not to.

It is easier (and cheaper) for the DWP to refuse everyone in the hope that they will just say "I've been turned down" and then go away. Why make it easy for them?

If you have a copy of your DLA form (would advise everyone to keep a copy of what they've written) go over it to compare what you've written with the reasons why they say you were turned down. Have a look and see if there's anything that needs expanded upon as it may be you've not have given them enough information. I often think with the Decision Makers it isn't what you say, it's the way that you say it that matters.


Hi Diddle sorry to hear you have been refused your claim.

Soft Hugs,

Sue x x x


I'm baffled as to why your advisor told you not to appeal.

Most people are turned down at first attempt. I was. But I lodged an appeal and the decision was overturned without me even having to go to court.

My theory is that once they knew I was appealing, they had a better look at the evidence I had submitted and decided that giving the award now would save the expense of going to court. I submitted a few extra bits of evidence including a letter from my Welfare Rights Advisor. But basically, there was nothing about my needs that had changed. They were wrong to deny me DLA in the first place.

It took nine months from my applying for DLA and getting it awarded it - but it was worth it - and I got nine months' back pay as well.

You should at least ask for a reconsideration and ask them to give you the reasons why they turned you down. Then you can take each reason one by one and rip it apart.

In the end, it's up to you, but I am really baffled by this advice. Perhaps you need a new advisor. How about CAB or Welfare Rights?

Best of luck whatever you decide.

Love, Gracie xx


hi diddle,so sorry to hear that,the same happened to me ,appeal now,phone them tell them did you take everything on my form ino consideration. the best thing i did was got an occupational therapist get one if you can.all the very best to you love bob xx


Hi Diddle, you must appeal. I like you was refused but tried again & I got lucky. My GP was very good filling in her section.

I feel you have to exzagerate your ailments. I also think that there are people who have nothing wrong witb them who lie & get every benefit going. This makes me angry.

I think DLA are refusing people & it trying to weed out the genuine people from the scroungers & maybe the scroungers wont appeal.

Please appeal it, you are genuine & you have your GP's support. I know it wrong but my opinion is to exagerate your problems. As we the genuine & honest people are the ones suffering at the hands of able bodied people with nothing wrong.

Do it Diddle we have to fight for our rights with this government & their. uts backs with ill, disabled& vulnerable people. If we let them away with it God only knows what type of future we will have.

It sickens me that Alcoholics & Drug addicts are taken by the hand & receive DLA. God I sometime wish & have done in the past drink too much to numb myself from my problems but it does'nt work, it only makes me more depressed. I dont touch alcohol now. Even by doing that I have lost friends, so itet me see who my true friends are.

Please apoeal Diddle

Lots of luv & luck.

Gentle hugs

Jackie xx


They are turning everybody down hoping we won't appeal, the CAB know this so goodness knows why DIAL don't. Appeal Appeal Appeal Diddle x


Diddle please try again, I wrote and told them I wanted a full written reason why they had refused my claim or I was going to appeal, told them why I thought they were wrong and in less than 2 weeks they gave me my personal care back but not my mobility. I am appealing that and hope to get that back too. Don't give up PLEASE don't let the d*ckh**ds in the government win.


hi diddle if i were you i would not wait a year, i would fight, fight and fight. When I first applied the letter that i got back was ridiculous, they told me all the things that i could do even though i told them that i could not. Sent them back a letter itemising all their points against what i had told them. They wanted to know if i wanted to appeal or for them to re-look at my claim. You can guess what I asked for, they sent a dr round who left feeling sorry for me, next thing my claim was upheld.

So my opinion is NEVER GIVE UP.

all the best

sharon xxx


i have just been diagnosed with fm and i am at the moment still working , the last few months have been a struggle at work , but i cant afford to stop working as the benefits system isnt very good , im gonna try and work as long as i can but to be honest i wish i didnt need to. i was told to claim but i read other comments and think , whats the point ! hopefully i wont need to for a while yet x


I, the same as Sharon, got a letter back the first time with them detailing what I can do, etc. I ripped them apart because they clearly hadn't bothered to read my form or evidence. It's disgusting but what they want is for people to be so disappointed that they think it not worth appealing. Fight for it Diddle. You deserve it and are entitled to it. You might be lucky as the next person might actually look at your form.

Good luck

Gentle hugs JT


Your are so right JT they did that to me. You spend so much time filling out the form as best you can. They ignore it and say just because you have difficulty does not mean you need help. They word the letters in such a crafty wicked way. All over the damn form it repeats the same stupid questions and all they are into is about how far you can walk. So in other-words we have to be flat on our backs drinking from a straw before they take are seriously. Sorry for the rant but they are unkind to people who are poorly.


May be time to book an appointment with Professor Davies Diddle at Guys. It may be a bit far from where you live. Just a thought. He knows what he is doing is open to research and into holistic as well as allopathic medicine. Get a letter from him. Its difficult to know what to suggest with the comedians at the DLA. Talk about keep moving the goal post. Its changing to PIP soon. Fibro sufferers should be assessed by a Rheumatologist who understands Fibromyalgia. These stupid forms they send us to fill out are designed to trap us and keep us going round and round in circles. What they are doing is denying our illness. We are not being taken seriously. Rant over. You keep going girl and don't give up. You will get it in the end.


There is an organisation in Devon where they are trained how to fill out these forms and they get a good response doing it this way. I think some of them may be solicitors. We need help to word every sentence properly so that we are not trapping ourselves. I did not find the Benefit and Works very helpful for me but others have had success with it.






Dial were the ones who filled out my first form. Was not impressed. The girl who filled it go dreadful spelling to start with and she didn't fill of with confidence. I got another advisor for my second application and I got a great result. I can't say I would recommend them but definitely appeal, they hope that people get so disheartened that they won't. But you must. Good luck with it. Gentle hugs x


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