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My 2 daughters took my nieces and grandsons to the funfair 2 days ago and my eldest daughter felt sorry as i was not there so she went to a speciallist fudgeshop which is nearby and bought me some very sickley and yummy fudge it was lovely it melted in my mouth i felt sickafter as it was ssooo rich but sooo nice too lol

i am so lucky my girls spoilso much they really do

i tell them notto but they say it is because i bought them both up alone and they had everything they wanted never went without and they really appreciate it and what a struggle it must have been and they jus like to say thankyou

so thats nice and i must have done something right fpr them

oh well hope you all have a nice day i am off now having a shower and off to daughters love diddle x

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how lovely is ur girls turned out... i was not a single parent but i was alone alot as my husband worked long shifts.. i always felt i was not a good mum when they were little... but... now as i see my 3 grown up inot adults and see how much they love and need me even to this day.. they still hug and kiss me.. even my boys.. so its so lovely.. i must have done a no bad job lol..

anway how are u....

lovely fudge... mrs tillys fudge is the best fudge ever... its expensive about a £1 a bar but if u can lol take ur time and just let it mealt in ur mouth its so lovely.

i go through stages on sweets. for a while there it was jelly beans.. i am now trying my best not to eat as much, as apart from the weight issues the sugar can not be doing me any good. i was eating them for breakfast dinner and lunch, even bedtime and during the night and not have a meal.. so i am trying harder to eat better....

hope ur well or well as can be today.. xxx


i so love fudge diddle.making my mouth water.and you so deserve good things.the girls are great for doing it.

my mom brought us up on her own and we always spoilt her and still do now.x


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