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BUYING shoes 3 sizes too small for me????

I bought brand new size 3 red floral shoes from a charity shop last year and felt guilty spending £10 knowing they would never have fitted me..., I am a size 6/61/2 to 7..and enexpanding subject to whatever meds I am on.

I did (honestly) get my 2 daughters to try on and to take as a gift(they are a size 3/3) both said no....boy was I relieved.

I took a picture of them last week and put the on fb and a friend asked to try them on...and they fitted perfectly and she wanted them...just to borrow NO NO NO NO NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo said I in a calm restrained manner.......

Friends share she said....oh no said I...they are going up in a glass shelf in my bedroom as (my feet never were that size) and on days when i cant get out of bed I will dream of getting a size 6ish red floral shoes to actually dance in....those will be the days my friends :)

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Aww how nice. I bought myself a lovely pair of size 3 floral shoes a few years ago. I was so upset that they didn't fit but I kept them. Not sure

why but they just so cute lol xx now I can't even wear heels but I'm still keeping a hold of them x enjoy your prize shoes xx


quite right too....enjoy looking at ur floral shoes 2 :)


We three should have a shoe party! I have wardrobe brimming with beautiful shoes and killer heels, none of which I could possibly walk in - yet still I buy more!

I sit on the edge of the bed and try them on and dream of tittuping along at some grand function, whereas I know that I would have to wear dul,l flat pumps.

Ah well, some people collect stamps, I collect shoes! :)


Before my house move I gave bin bags of mainly BLACK shoe and boots to charity shops...aahh

.i very seldom have coloured shoes but these floral ones were just so beautiful.

I am of an age when I can still remember wearing matching shoes or boots with matching handbags and gloves...guess am not a spring chicken any more?


LOL Mrs Valentine, that sounds like my youth, hahaha. I always wore everything matching and I loved gloves. I even made myself matching 'flapper' hats to most of my dresses. I reckon we have given away our age.


Lucky you! I have size 14 plus, which one can not buy here. I can only buy mens size 11 shoes and look for the most feminine looking ones. The ones one can buy in transvestite on-line shops have only super high heels and I can not walk in them any more , besides I am already almost 6 feet tall without shoes. I love to lool elegant but I never could have mice shoes and never look in the windows of shoe shops. That's one pleasure I never had. When I was in Europe I bought some nice Italian black shoes which I wear for special occasions. Because of my shoe problem I wear mainly trousers so I can get away with male canvass shoes in different colors. Can you imagine a life without pretty shoes???


I actually meant 'NICE shoes, not MICE shoes, hahaha. I even used to paint shoes in different colors to look trendy. Gosh I loved that time!!


that sounds so nice, but for me I hate wearing shoes, always have done. came from having so many hip operations, sadly each time they would get wider… don't know why! it doesn't matter if i were to lose X amount of lb/kgs but you know your show size will never change.

I like your idea of may be having them as ornaments. Have you ever seen those mini versions called 'just the right shoe'? they look fab. I have made paper crafted shoes that have been decorated with Lace and Bling :) Maybe a floral one would look good too :)

Thanks for sharing your lovely story xx (((hugs)))


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