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It is really strange but all my hands and fingers are really aching and i dont know why they are really painful it has been since yesterday morning even when i take my pain medication it does not touych it so i dont know why but then why would i with fibro everything is a mystery isnt it /

oh well i will just have to grin anfd bare it as we all do love to you diddle xxxx

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morning diddle it could well be your fybro/try putting some heat on it for a little while.i get it in my left hand from time to time not nice.

i just presume another fybro symptom but if it persists go and get it checked out.

i wish they had a fyrbo hospital where we could go with any worries or pain like a normal hospital that way we wouldnt get judged hey.



Hi Diddle

It could be the weather if its damp and wet?? As i have it badly at moment and its damp & wet ! Its not nice i drive with fists at times grr lol

Do hope it eases and of course nothing helps when its angry!

As well as what i been like this past few days the hands are painful and throb too at the moment i find its worse with damp wet rainy weather!

I had reheumotoid blood test dine and came back negative!

I have insisted i have a serious problem and my knuckle bones on middle fingers are starting to mishape and on the back of left had little lumps and also its all my bones even under my feet actually feel like everything i touch is my bones!

I tried to insist to Dr there is a scan to do as i have a friend and it runs in my family as just found out last wk wnd orsteoarthritis . I feel am riddled in it neck to feet .

But not being a Dr ! PUH annoys me.

Love to ypu xxxxxx


Hi Diddle, i have pain in my wrists/hands/fingers regularly - includin right now, lol! It causes me probs doin simplest of tasks, like openin a btl of squash/drink is 1 of the worst! Is that similar for u? My GP has done blood tests a cpl of times coz i reg get pain in my knees too (& just recently my ankles have started givin me bad pain -grrr!!), plus had a scan on wrists/hands, but all tests came back clear of course, leavin me/everyone thinkin i imagine it all! I regularly soak my hands in a bowl of warm water & wrap my wheat bag round them when i'm sittin watchin tv, i find the heat really soothing, it doesn't last for long, but it's v.relieving while it does. Hope it eases up for u. xx


hi there i have same probs allover i hurt worst areas knees ankles wrists hands can go on for ever yet i look so well ,nightmare.tablets we are prescribed have side effects samme symptoms as fibro ,how do i know if they not suiting me.i dont tell anyone about my fibro its not worth the explaining,and idont think they believe us neck is killing me at moment and my arms.i hate my tablets i'm on gabapentin 18 00 mg day,naproxen 1 000mg day cream for dry eyes plus as and when co-codamol ,how about you


Hi Diddle,

I use a spongy ball to squeeze - it's painful but when I used to go to physio this is what they told me to do. Funnily enough it does the trick.

Do you sometimes feel as though they have come out of their joints? It's a really strange feeling as when I bend my fingers they seem to be unconnected.

What we have to put up with !

Smiles and lots of soft hugs,



hi fibro friends sorry we are all having so much pain, my hands and arms and legs neck well may as well say my whole body has a narling throbbin pain and even meds arn't helping, doc said its my fibro, wat a suprise lol.... i more or less collapsed into bed tuesday afernoon, as the pain was so unbearable, it takes every ounce of energy. i eventually fell asleep, and for a couple hours was a bit better, and then back to pain again, i find this so frustrating, and wish we could all find a way to cope better, as i spend so much time out of my day trying to do one task, i have decided to start a diary and record my every waking moment to how my life is ,with this very debilitating condition, i know mine has got worse since my diagnosis 8yrs ago. well sorry for the moan, but thanks for sharing tc love soma x

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Hi Diddle.

I think its fibro related, I have it in all my finger joints and toe joints, also in my wrists, ankles and heels. it is horrible pain and I believe it is coming from the tendons.


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