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I havin very bad joint pain in my knees ankles hands elbows hips and shoulders my knees and elbows keep locking and the pain is excurcating

Also have tingling down my right leg my thigh and foot go numb went to the doc he examined my left leg instead of my right leg and gave me beclofen along with my meds why give me muscle relaxants when its my joints that are causing me severe pain every time i go to docs i alwayd get a locum doc as my doc is rarely there and the locums really havent got a clue the pain is that bad i want to hang myself dont worry i wuldnt do it lv my family to much to cause them the hurt all i do is cry with the pain my big son asked me did i want a hug i said no son cause it wuld hurt me to much please help cause my docs dont care xo

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Hi Shaz

have you had a referal to orthopeadics ? i had a fantastic consultant ( now retired ) who did what he could and then refered me on to my Rheumatologist

what meds are you on ?

Do you have anything to help you to sleep ?

i have had muscle relaxants in the past which unfortunately didn't help me either

take care J


Morning Shaz

How excruciating for you I hope you have managed a better night or are you like me releaved when it is time to get up because when I am up I can have my pills . I find gentle rocking helps and I put my hands in warm water for a bit in the morning to try a loosen them up.

You do need to get to a rheumatologist and you will get some help that way ask your GP for referral asap. good luck xgins


Hi Shaz,

Has your doctor arranged a full set of blood tests for you?

If not, you need to ask him about this. Once they have excluded everything else, and confirmed that you have fibromyalgia, then you're in the same boat as all of us - we learn to cope, and we get our medicines right through trial and error, but you do need to have tests to exclude any other problems, like rheumatoid arthritis for instance.

I do hope you feel easier soon!

Moffy x


hi shaz

been diagnosed in january 2012 but had it since around 2004,i blackout at work and for two times i like paralysed with all of my body and jaw numb and sweating very bad and both times thank god my husband is there and so many, many tjmes going to see my gp about my ilness and always with a new symtom you know what he said to me, that i've got everything in my head which means that i maybe liying sometimes,now i just feel hurt and in more pain and again scared to go to see husband is forcing me to go and register with another gp,i'm more confused now.


I was diagnosed with fibro in 2007 but these pains im havin is like nothing that i has experienced before they r so sharp and severe i end up screeching my eyes out and im not one who cries alot and hav a high tolerance to pain why do they always put it down to fibro i no in my heart there is something not right with my body but everytime i c a gp they say its your fibro lk they really cant be bothered with helping me lv them just to have all this pain just for a day soz for moaning abt it but im sick of being fobbed off my son wants to go c the doc but i wont let him cos he wuld lose his rag with them


shaz i feel exactly the same i am crying with the pain and in bed more each week i am scared they going to make me lose benefits and i dont know what to do as i cant stay out of bed for a full day anymore


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