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i dont know why but all my hands /fingers/wrists are so painful at the min they really do hurt i think i havre been doing too much like holding paintbrush when i done my daughters room and thta s why as i cant think why else only mr fibro playing up again

oh well one thing is for sure with mr fibro you are never without something that is aching are yoiu ? si we jus kinda get used to it all lol

you all take care and may be back later if i can drag myself rom out of the sun you never know i may take my netbook ut with me lol

love to you all

diddle xxxx

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morning diddle if you are having probs with finger joints I find a bowl of hot/warm water place your hands in and gently exercise in water for five mins. Really helps loosen them up!

Enjoy the sun

x gins


Hi diddle, I have the same problem with my hands - some days I have a job to even hold a mug of coffee!!!! Now that really upsets me, lol - have to have my coffee :) I have to agree with gins - warm water does help to ease the discomfort!

Take care, soft huggles, angel xx


I have same problem and it can be so painful yet the next day it can go as quick as it came. People think I am making it up.


Hi Diddle? I told my lovely doctor about my painful hands and she said ot sounded like carpel tunnel syndrome. I hoped not, after everything else going on. Anyway it turns out I do. I had the first one done 3 weeks ago and all the pain and pins and needles have done. It is amazing. I am having the other done at the end of August. Might be worth asking? Love Pinkpig99 xxxxxxx


hi i have been diagnosed this year with carpal tunnel i have got wrist suupoirts but have not been wearing them in this warm weather as they are not the most attractive things to wear but winter thet are fine as you wear jumpers so it is prob playing up lol thanbks for the info i have heard op is fantastic so may ask about it love to you diddle x


Sounds like you need the op as my consultant says they won't get better. Carpel tunnel slowly makes your muscles waste (atrophy) as the nerves are compressed in the carpel tunnel making the muscles hard to use. My hands were numb in the mornings and took ages to come back to life. My right hand feels amazing now, unlike the rest of me.


Hi diddle, I have the same problem and it comes and goes ad nauseum with no ryhme ir reason. Like u say, if mr f. makes sure if its not one thing its another :-\

Lucky you, you still have the sun? Its gone all cloudy here and I think that's the way its going to stay - 3-4 days of sun does not a summer make, I know that's what they say about the swallows but it seems this year summer isn't a lasting thing ggrrr

take care, muchly dottii x


There are several possibilities for this and I sympathise. When your hands hurt like this you are left wondering what on earth you can do to ease it! Thanks for the warm water idea - I will try and remember that for next time.

I had pins and needles in my little fingers and ring fingers but not carple tunnel, just FM and osteoarthritis for the other pains in my hands.

I have just recalled something my dad suggested which helps his joint pains and it seems really odd, but he drinks a glass of warm water with a table spoon of vinegar. May be worth a try.

However, in the meantime, try to avoid tasks which are as intense as a whole room decoration in a short time span. Maybe spread it out a bit? If you had a slipped disc you would have to do the same if you could manage it at all, so do not be ashamed. Pace yourself.

I decorated my grandsons bedroom, but got help with the large areas such as moving furniture and general painting - I could not do the ceiling or paintwork. But I decorated his walls with trees, bushes, clouds and stuck animals over it. He was delighted and I was amazed at how much I managed.

However, my main area of difficulty is my hips and since then the muscles in my back. Not caused by it though.

I would like to commend your efforts and am sure your daughter was delighted with her room too. Sorry to hear you had to pay the price though.

Soft hugs


hi diddle seem a few of us are havind the same trouble with hands just now. I have been having pain & stiffness on my right arm, feels like toothake & is quite unbearable. both hands are puffed up and take a couple of hours to function properly...can't lift my coffee cup in mornings, so mr grumpy joins in.

As you say one thing or another mr rotten fibro gives us....well it is a case to soldier on.

hope you enjoy your day in garen with kindle any cake involved at some time i wonder! lol

in scotland weather dosen't know what its doing, i am heading to the shops, take care, love n hugs xxxx mary.


hi thankss for all the tops yes been in garden very warm but dull so now going to feed and walk the dofg and go and sit on bed and read so that me done for the day love diddle x


i can recommend a hot wax tratmeant at your local beauty salon may help diddle, i am a train beauty therapist and when i learned this i volunteered all the time to be the model lol , i have my own hot wax machine now so treat myself when they hurt it's not a cure but does make them feel better and also softens your skin so leaves them beautiful toooo , just a thought xx take care xx


are you diabetic ? as i am and i have painful hands and feet and was recently diagnosed with painful neuropathy(aswell as rheumatoid and osteo) which can affect both x just thought i would mention it xx


mine have flared up big time as well. about 3 wks ago my rists started...and flared the tennosynavitus....cant even turn me rist to look at me watch...pains terable, and finger joints to.....not had a bad dose of the tenno for a few yrs but always got the swolen joints....hope it gets beter soon..not nice thing...julie xxx


Hi Diddle i really sympathise!

This is part reason i had to give the physical side up of my

Cleaning business which i absolutely love and

It hurt me to watch girls that i cry lol.

I was in tears at Dr's demanding quietly and politely as i needed to

Keep running it so lyrica was given! I kep going back its not wrking, but it did eventually

As determined!! Its a miracle pill and the soothing of heat rub and excersing my hands and also taking my painkillers every 2 hours takes the major pain away. They do flare up quite a bit but talk with Dr if you on meds to sort meds out or updose.

I have updosed twice within yr.

I type instead of writing as it does hurt!! But lucky touch typist.

Get a wrist support about £10-20 bit like jelly bean bag memory lol.

I always wiggle my fingers and keep them in a gentle fist as to put my hands out straight

Is very uncomfortable and a weakness too.

My cousin does massage and so gentle, she is qualified now. She does with my feet and hands and its worth it as feels lovely.

I hope they settle for you Diddle. xxxgentle fluffy cloud hugs


And at ginge yes agree strongly that difficult to even move hands too and carrying things, holding a cup of tea . Some days to MAKE a cuppa is impossible!!

No one on outside understands the intensity of pain which triggers worrying aswell as we ask omg can this get any worse than this.

I want to advertise this illness along side my logo ! Lol to prove how difficult it is and how hard wrking is as cleaning is extremely physical! Up and down stairs all day long ( i struggle now checking wrk) carrying hoover is like carrying cement now. They used to nick name me Donkey!! Pmsl as i would fly around carrying everything with not a care. Now this fm/bhms has triggered everything a chore and especially the hands!! So worth trying anything at all to help the hands . They are my asset lol. Xxxxxxxx

Ok i talllkj tooo much sorry lol


I too get the pain in my hands, fingers and wrists. I struggle to hold a pen at times and I can no longer touch type. I often can't even make myself a cuppa and no-one gets it because I look okay. I will try soaking my hands in warm water, I haven't heard that. I hadn't heard about a glass of water and vinegar but I don't know if I can face that just yet.

I think I may need to alter my diet to see if that makes a difference but being recently diagnosed and not knowing much about this, I am looking for advice to cope on a daily basis.

I have been told to try cutting out caffeine as that may be aggravating me more.

I woke up this morning and my back was agony so I wonder how today will pan out.

Lots of gentle hugs to all who are hurting today xxx



I like you elbows included like someone is banging hamers and stabbing it’s unberable

Nothing seems to help


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